Safety Travel in Egypt

The country of Egypt is truly safe to travel as most of the political instability that Egypt has experienced since the revolution in January 2011 has ended and the number of tourists has increased ever since. The current atmosphere of the country is quite peaceful after the government took extreme measures like restructuring the entire tourist police to include all the important and tourist attractions in Egypt. So if you decided to come to Egypt then your trip will be quite amazing among some of the most majestic historical destinations and enchanting beaches in one of the most secure and safest places in the region.

Choosing the Best Travel Agency

Choosing a travel agency can be quite difficult as there are lot good companies out there but nothing like Egypt Tours Portal, the company specialized in creating the best travel experiences in Egypt for all types of tourists around the world, like Americans, British, Australian travelers, and many more. The company rating is wonderful depending on the tourists’ reviews on Tripadvisore, Trustpilot, and many more. The company have the finest professional staff from operators, tour guides to drivers who dedicate their entire life to the providing the ultimate travel experience. All of their travel packages are created and customized by travel, financial and time management advisors to make you have the perfect vacation.

The of History of the Land of Pharaohs

History proves that Egypt has endured a lot of misjudgment but was able to prevail ever since its creation. The history of unified Egypt dates back about 5170 years when Egypt became a unified country under king Narmer the founder of the first dynasty. Egypt achieved great glory thanks to the majestic Nile which acted as the bloodstream  of the entire country as it became known that “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”. In the next three millennia’s many great men and women acted as Pharaohs and established a powerful kingdom as it shows in the monuments, temples and ruins located all across the country. Many great pharaohs like Ramsess II (1279-1213 BC), Hatshepsut (1507-1458 bc) and many more where able to achieve immortality and save guard their legacy from oblivion. After the end of the last native dynasty by the hand of the Persians in 341 BC and soon enough came the Greek, the Ptolemaic dynasty , Romans and Byzantines which introduced the Coptic era to the land then finally came the Arabs who introduced the religion of Islam and the current language Arabic during the 7th century under the leadership of the mamluks dynasty and the Fatimid dynasty who filled the city of Cairo with countless mosques and schools such as the infamous Cairo citadel constructed by Salah el din himself, Al-Azher which was the second largest university in history. The country then became under the rule of ottoman empire in 1517 until the empire fell and the country under invading British rule in 1882 then it gained its independence in 1922.

The Government Achievement

The sector of tourism in Egypt employed about 12% of Egypt’s workforce who serves the 14.7 million tourists and provide a revenue of $12.5 billion also contributing about 11% GDP and 14.4 % of foreign currency revenues. These numbers declined severely after the revolution in 2011 to a revenue of $5.9 billion thanks to civil unrest and security threats. From the point one the government worked effortlessly to regain its glory days through maintain peace and order in the country once more and launching a wave of media encouraging people from all around the world to travel to Egypt. the ministry of culture worked on making discovers all across the country from the ancient middle and new kingdom. There is also the Grand Egyptian Museum which will include some of the most beautiful artifacts in Egyptian history. There is also a project to improve and manage the natural recourses across the red sea coast.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

The climate in Egypt is hot, dry and sunny all year long during the summer  months as the temperature reaches 40 C (104 F) but in the winter months from September to April the climate is warm with a magical winter breeze. The winter months are known to be the best time for tourists to visit Egypt as the weather becomes more tolerable which create the best atmosphere for witnessing the various mesmerizing artifacts and monuments of the majestic country.

The Tourist Rates

Our quality can be proven by all the tourist rates given to us by our visitors from all over the world. The rates prove that our reputation is quite universal and highly positive and emphasizes how this company has served their clients in the most professional manner. The rates also acts as live feed for the current atmosphere of Egypt

Egypt is the true haven for any traveler as it contains some of the most magical cities such as:

Cairo is a wonderful city that holds many cultural, historical, religious and recreational places to visit. Some of the Best Touristic Places in Cairo are Giza pyramids complex (One of the most important wonders of the world), The Egyptian Museum which contains More than 160,000 rare artifacts, Khan El Khalili Bazaar(The oldest bazaar in the Middle East) the Cairo citadel, al azher university which is the second university in history and many more historical destinations.

Alexandria is the second capital of Egypt after Cairo and one of the most beautiful cities of Egypt and was once the capital of Egypt during the Hellenistic period in the Mediterranean region. The city holds the Quitbay Citadel which was built one the same location of the legendry Alexandria library. Alexandrina bibliotheca is characterized by its large space and the splendor of its design, The Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa was used as a roman burial ground and reflects the beautiful mixture of the Greco-roman and ancient Egyptian art.

Hurghada Red Sea:

One of the most beautiful  and famous tourist attraction in Egypt it holds a magical marine life resorts, gardens, markets and various tourist activities which makes it an ideal destination the perfect holiday. it holds  Jeffton Island which has about 14 dive sites and wonderful natural features, El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh and many other resorts around this magical marine life. it is the perfect location for endless water sports like snorkeling, wind surfing and Quad Bike Safari

Sharm El Sheikh:

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most famous tourist places in Egypt and the most beautiful tourist resorts in the world and known throughout the world as the city of peace. It holds everything a tourist might need as it is one of the best parts of the world for scuba diving, snorkeling for containing a magical marine life, and other water sports, the city also includes a wonderful dessert, popular markets a, traditional hotels, Eastern and Western restaurants, and resorts . the resort has the natural park of Ras Mohammad, the magical resort of Dahab, the dangerous blue hole and many more.

Marsa Alam:

This resort is located 275 km south from Hurghada and known to be a modern community dedicated for the purpose of enjoying the magic and beauty of the marine life of the red sea. it has many sites for diving, snorkeling and many water sports in the finest hotels, restaurants that provide the best service and the wildest club scene.

Luxor the Ancient City:

Luxor was known as the city of hundred doors and one of the greatest open museums in the world for containing some of the most majestic temples monuments and artifacts in egypt. the city was used to as a center for all the political, religious, economical aspects of the ancient Egyptian life and to protect the legacy of the pharaohs from oblivion. It holds The valley of the kings, the holy Karnak temple, the amazing Hatshepsut temple and Colossi of Memnon and many others

Aswan “Nubian City”:

Aswan one of the must be visited cities in Egypt, famous for being the center of elegance and beauty and the center of the Nubian culture. Aswan is located at the southern gate of Egypt and is located on the eastern bank of the Nile. It was the provider for the building matter for the construction of Egypt’s great structures. Aswan is characterized by its dry, hot atmosphere and the scarcity of rain.  Aswan has many tourist attractions and contains many temples such as Philae Island, edfu temple, the unfinished obelisk of Hatshepsut, the High Dam and Abu Simple temple the site of two temples built by King Ramses II (reigned 1279–13 BCE) and many more historical sites.

The beauty of Egypt is completely endless so don’t miss the chance to explore every inch of its hypnotic attractions in its mesmerizing destinations in one of the safest communities.

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