Rwanda, a Rising Travel Destination of Africa

Tourist looking at mountain gorilla in African jungle. Getting very close to wildlife.

Let’s start with a direct quote from the leader of the nation:

“We cannot turn the clock back nor can we undo the harm caused, but we have the power to determine the future and to ensure that what happened never happens again.” 

And it’s infrangibly perceivable throughout the country – infrastructure development, public health, and safety, education for the rural mass, privatization of the state-owned enterprises etc. are a few of the steps taken by the government to move the nation from its darkest past towards an enlightening future. Below are some dry stats to authenticate the statement:

Average economic growth 7.5%  sustaining over a decade
7th  Most efficient Government
5th Best place to be a woman globally
2nd Safest place in Africa

But, for the traveler in you, won’t be jumping out and starting to pack for Rwanda just yet with knowing these dry facts.

I know this for a fact because, being an avid enthusiast in globetrotting myself, I also won’t be doing anything of that sort. Rather I would Google and since you are doing the same, I am going to give you some truly exciting details about the things that you can indulge yourself into while being in Rwanda – the rising travel destination in Africa.

Whether you are a nature addict traveler, an architecture buff, a wildlife photographer or just a family looking for a relaxing tour in Africa, look no further, Rwanda a country of thousand hills has all you need to experience a safe and authentic holiday experience. No matter what group of age you belong to, young and senior travelers have a range of activities in small groups or private tours to choose from- gorilla trekking and game drive safaris to local and historical visits, just to name a few.

I Need to Go There First, Right?

From Kigali International Airport in Kigali, the capital, the national flag carrier RwandAir provides domestic flights along with flights all over Africa and to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. KLM, Turkish Airways, Brussels Airlines, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, South African Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines are currently conducting flights directly to the country. In Europe, you can board an airplane to Kigali from London, Amsterdam, and Brussels. From Asia and the Middle East, to get to Rwanda directly, you need to be in Dubai, Doha, and Istanbul. And there are a few local carriers carrying people around Africa.

10667766 – a gorilla eating plants in the forest, rwanda
Land of the Big, Land of the Famous:

Rwanda is one of the three places where you can watch mountain gorillas in their natural element. Up until 2019, about 700 of these beautiful animals are roaming in the affluent rainforest and most of them can be found in Volcanoes National Park. Gorilla Trekking Tours– a really expensive event for eco-tourists and upscale travelers alike – cost about 1500$ per person. The reason behind making this unparalleled experience so high is to keep the event itself happening less, only to make the habitats safe and sound from the dangers of over-tourism. The famed Volcanoes National Park also lets you enjoy exquisite greenery and fantastic hiking manageable both by the pros and amateurs.

The Big Five with the Fantastic Beasts:

For the true safari fanatics, Rwanda wouldn’t feel like heaven, but Rwanda does offer some local wildlife safaris. The full circle of the fantastic five – lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, rhino – can be seen roaming freely in Akagera National Park.  The Nyungwe National Park alone in the South is the home for 13 varieties of chimpanzees. From the mountain gorillas in the north to chimpanzees in the south, the land is a safe abode for some of Africa’s most fascinating creatures.

19576475 – zebras in akagera national park in rwanda
Tailor-Made Tours:

Without wasting any words to get a point across, let me just give you a list:

At Fazenda Sengha in Kigali, a leisurely horseback riding. Sure, isn’t it?
A bike expedition for a couple of days in the 141-Congo-Nile Trail through dirt roads for winding your way down through the rolling hills. Intriguing, right?
A brisk walk with the headphones pouring your favorite music through the ear buds in the Canopy Walkway which is 70-meter high, 160-meter long. If that doesn’t sound cool enough, what about the feeling you will get when the canopy swings in the gentle breeze over a natural rainforest. Absolutely no bargain?

 Those are just a few examples of how you can have tailor-made tours in Rwanda. And please believe me when I say that there are a number of local experienced individuals with tourist organizations are eagerly waiting for you to oblige, as you please.

Body of Water:

Rwanda might be land-locked but it has its own shoreline nevertheless. You would be forgiven for thinking that the rhythmic chanting has been specially created for you that bounce across the waters of Lake Kivu in the evening, while it is actually the local fishermen synchronizing the paddling and moving their fishing boats. The attention to detail in preparation to catch the tiny isambaza fish is a treat, maybe not an adrenalin-hike but rewarding in its own unique way. And of course, the sunset view every day from a vantage point can leave you to make promises to yourself to be back many more times.

60799163 – great blue turaco (corythaeola cristata) in nyungwe national park, rwanda
    Resting in Indulgence:

The fabled boutique lodging One & Only Nyungwe Houses are situated in the middle of emerald-green active tea plantation and offer open-air spa treatments. Its unique offering is it lets you pick leaves on-site, make your own tea bags to take home for friends and family. In the capital, you will get the birds-eye view of the capital at the Rooftop Rendezvous Bar & Grill if you choose to stay at the Mille Collines Hotel. And if you don’t want to miss the chance to watch the sleeping giants in the form of inactive volcanoes, a stay at the Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel is a must.

     Cultural Delights: 

When you wander through the streets of Rwandan cities, find the vivacious murals depicting the joys of living through thousands of years of history. And that’ll make you realize that the country has an endless supply of artists. Local pottery sculpted out to create simple household things and paintings completed using items that might be meager in value but their meanings are anything but, and more importantly, they’re also a source of local employment. A true art connoisseur cannot help fall in love with the country all over again. And if you’re into collecting trophies from places you visit, local carvers and weavers will make souvenirs from start to finish just in front of your eyes. Gorilla-headed walking sticks that can be conveniently broken down into pieces, Agaseke baskets, beautifully crafted woven jewelry are just a few examples that can blow your mind off. And to portray energetic music and exotic dance moves need a whole article themselves.

     A Dive into the History:

If you have a knack for history, Rwanda will never dishearten you. To know about the ethnic inheritance, visit the Cultural Heritage Corridor that is in the south of Kigali. Visit the King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza to have a first-hand look not only at the ancestors of Rwandan natives but also the human race and enrich your experience with the knowledge of the early peoples’ living. And of course, don’t even think about omitting the Ethnographic Museum to enlighten your knowledge by observing the architecture, textiles, hunting weapons and many more things glorious past.

Believe me; I can go rumbling about the things that you will see and must enjoy in Rwanda. But let me just sums up by saying that there are as many reasons as there are people living in this soulful country which, against all odds, began its journey towards the glory.

Now, what will be your reason not to be a part of it?

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