Rules Defined for the ESTA Travellers

There are almost 36 countries, mostly the European countries, that come under the visa waiver program. The citizens of these countries are required to apply for an ESTA (Electronic System of travel authorisation) in order to enter the United States of America for a short span of time.

This authority is basically made available for the people coming to the United States for business and travel purposes. It is true, that the passengers who are visiting the United States of the transit purposes are also in need to apply for the same, while for the other purposes like study, the people are required to apply for the regular visa. There are certain requirements for the visitors under the visa waiver program that are a must for you to know.

Here are some requirements for the visitors:

It is a must for the applicants to produce a valid passport that could be readable by the machines for the purpose.

Your travel purpose to the United States should be business, transit and tourist purpose only.

The maximum duration of the stay to the United States of America should not exceed 90 days, otherwise, serious legal actions will be taken against the visitor.

While these are some of the requirements that are a must for the visitors to the United States of America under the visa waiver program. It is true, that the grant of ESTA authorisation is basically based on the various measures that are actually verified by the embassy officials. A mere approval does not allow the visitor to enter the United States of America, however, the last step of verification is a must as it is required to be completed on the entry to the US.

It is true, that the immigration officers definitely check each and every person entering the United States of America for the originality of the documentations and to know the purpose of his or her entry to the US. you will be amazed to know that the person can even get rejected at the last moment from the immigration department at the entry to the United States of America for some genuine reason and the applicant has no right to go and appeal against this rejection.

Thus, we would recommend all the visitors to be polite with all the immigration officers at the time of the verification process and make sure that you treat them with courtesy. As they are the once who will approve and reject your entry to the United States of America. Along with this, the applicants are advised to not to give any hints to the immigration officers of their intention of staying in the US for more than the period of 90- days.

No doubt, that the applicant who has applied for the ESTA authority get the form 1-94W or the visa waiver green form that is basically attached to their passport, which they are in need to surrender on returning back from the United States.

You must be knowing that there are a lot of agents that are helping the people in visiting the United States of America and definitely in getting the positive results from the visa counsellors. There are basically very few agents, which are successful in getting their applications made through them approved.

The ESTA cost, 2020

Many people are confused about the ESTA cost.

Well, Make your ESTA payment, as the current cost of it, is $14 but only if you do it directly on the ESTA website.

On the other hand, you definitely have to pay more, if you are doing it through the travel agent. As they will definitely going to charge you for their service fee.

if your ESTA application gets rejected by the united states of America you will be paid back the amount you have paid and only $4 will be charged.

By the time you must be completely aware that the ESTA visa it is quite very different from other USA visas. As the ESTA visa is only available to the 38 countries and these specific countries that are under the visa waiver program (VWP).The people of these countries do not have to go to the embassy and apply, whereas they can simply apply by sitting comfortably at their homes and you can fill the form online, however, there are no interviews that you are in need to go through from.

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