River Cruises: Everything You Need To Know

We all dream about an exciting holiday that can offer luxury as well as a thrilling adventure. To have it both and make your next trip the best holiday experience consider taking a river cruise. The most mesmerizing and beautiful places in the world are hidden along the world’s biggest river waters. Just imagine experiencing the grand Amazonia trough an Amazon cruise. The truth of the matter, however, is that most people have no clue what a river cruise is all about. Well, you might want to prepare good and this guide will shed some light on all that you need to know.

Better For Bonding Than Sea Cruises

Compared to sea cruises, river cruises offer a better chance for bonding. The reason for this is in the numbers. Sea cruises involve very huge cruise ships with many people. Not unless your cruise lasts a few months, you are not going to bond with many people one on one.

River cruises, although spanning shorter periods, offer a better chance of bonding one on one with new people. Again, this is because of the numbers involved. River cruises include significantly fewer people, and therefore you can easily interact with them more intimately.

Usually Not Suitable All Year Round

Compared to sea cruises that are usually suitable all year round, the same cannot be said of river cruises. Largely this is because of water levels in rivers. Even the largest rivers in the world will once in a while experience low water levels.

Before booking a cruise on a river, it is important to check with the company on whether it is the most suitable time of the year. This is especially so if you have some specific sites that you would like to explore while on the cruise.

Different seasons could also play a factor in your wellbeing throughout the trip. Some people are affected by certain weather conditions during the year. If you are one such person, then proper planning cannot be underestimated.

Involve Fewer Bureaucracies

Compared to sea cruises, you are less like to need as much documentation when doing a river cruise. This is because many river cruises are localised and will not involve crossing borders into different countries.

While local river cruises are common, it is never a good idea to neglect the general advice on having some form of documentation. The most recommended document to carry with you is a passport.

This is preferred in the event you may need to catch a flight mid-cruise. To avoid the inconvenience of road travel or any other means on short notice, always ensure that you have packed your passport before a river cruise.

Includes More Sightseeing

The sea is usually a vast mass of water. The most exciting glimpse is when the cruise ship comes onto the way of sea animals such as dolphins and whales migrating. For the most part, the entire journey will involve seeing blue and bluer colour.

With river cruises, however, you are going to see more sites while on the cruise ship. The reason for this is that many of these ships will pass through cities and towns on whose path the river follows. This presents a better chance to explore new locations.

When it comes to an abundance of wildlife, river cruises have this in abundance as well. From alligators to crocodiles and other water animals and even to thick vegetation. River cruises guarantee that you can enjoy the best of both plant and animal life.

Using Agents Is Beneficial

While a lot of people advice that you do the booking yourself and have a full experience, this can be frustrating especially if it is your first time. It is therefore recommended that you use a travel agent to help you plan a river cruise.

These agents are better placed to help you get good deals as many of them work within a network of professionals. Through this network, they can get you better deals and even longer river cruises at a pocket-friendly price.

Additionally, travel agents can give you ideas on what to expect from a river cruise. With this kind of information, you and the agent can arrive at a more engaging experience for your river cruise. The ultimate goal is to always have a memorable trip.

Beware Of Add-Ons

Are you looking for more adventure while on your cruise? It is most likely these are available but only if you ask in advance. Many river cruise companies will offer special packages such as longer stay at certain points if you pay extra.

If you are looking to get the most out of your river cruise, then it is always a good idea you go for this option. Call in advance when you are planning your cruise and ask about any add-ons that the company offers. Depending on your budget, pick out the most convenient one.


River cruises are a great alternative to sea cruises. This is especially so if you are looking to explore a region more intimately while still enjoying a cruise on a ship. River cruises are also a better option for people with seasickness and those looking to make solo cruises at a budget.

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