Remote Security System: A Buyer’s Guide for Small Home Surveillance Cameras (Critical Specifications to Consider)

Do you plan to buy home surveillance cameras, so you can keep an eye on elderly or young family members? Do you want to make sure your home is safe from anonymous attackers? Do you want to keep a nanny cam on for caretakers of your elderly family members?

The state of house security is changing thanks to the constant evolution of technology. It’s easier to access CCTV systems that were once made for big companies and establishments. It’s also cheaper to get small home surveillance cameras if you can’t afford entire CCTV systems.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you need to know about small home surveillance cameras. We also included a list of some small spy cams for you to consider buying.

1. Why Do You Need Home Surveillance Cameras?

More homeowners are doing the smart thing. They’re ensuring their security by installing security cameras at home. By 2023, we’re expecting the home security camera market to reach over $9.7 billion.

Today, the sight of cameras is enough to deter anyone else with malicious intent toward your home. This is one of the primary goals of surveillance cameras. However, some burglars have ways to get into your house without getting seen by cameras.

This is where small surveillance cameras are handy. Unlike bigger CCTV cameras, they’re less obvious and are harder to see. Thus, they can capture and alert you of suspicious activity without getting bypassed.

With that said, many surveillance systems now are accessible on mobile devices. Plus, newer models aren’t only easy to install and easy to use. They’re also cheaper than conventional security systems.

They also work to help you keep an eye on family members left at home. With a home security camera, you can feel better about leaving your kids alone at home. This way, you can still guide them from afar while giving them the space they need to become independent.

Cameras also function as a nanny cam if you want to keep an eye on hired nannies. It’s the same with senior family members left at home. You can watch over them and call an ambulance the moment you see they need medical help.

2. What You Need to Know About Home Surveillance Cameras 

There are various types of home surveillance cameras. For now, we’ll focus on small home surveillance cameras you can find in the market.

First, in power, some use batteries and those that connect to an electrical outlet. If you want something self-sustaining and eco-friendly, get those that run on solar batteries. Right now, there aren’t many choices for small solar-powered home cameras, however.

Other types of cameras are two-way. This means you can talk to the person the camera is watching, and they can respond. Two-way cameras use an audio system as well.

Some homeowners use two-way cameras on their front doors instead of smart door locks. They’re great for indoor use as well. They’re ideal for people who want to keep the people left at home feeling less alone.

One vital thing to note is battery life. Most tiny cameras have very limited battery life. Most can run up to only 60 minutes while recording HD video.

Some cameras run out of battery fast, but they charge faster. Thus, you want to look for cameras that can run while charging. Most of these cameras also activate by motion detection to save on battery.

If you want home surveillance cameras that can record for days, you’ll need more power. This is where you stop looking for small surveillance cameras and invest in CCTV systems. Also, note that most small cameras are also often used as body cams.

3. Top Small Home Surveillance Cameras in the Market 

Below, we have a list of the best and most popular mini surveillance cameras for the home. Note that these top picks are wireless cameras, which work well as a nanny cam for elderly residents.

SQ11 Mini Hidden Camera

With night vision, motion detection, and a 120-degree wide view, the SQ11 Mini is our first pick. It takes a full 1080P HD video and allows loop-cycle recording. It can also support a 32GB TF card, but that doesn’t come with the package.

It’s the best wireless security camera for those who want a cheap yet worthwhile hidden camera. It’s a 1-inch cube that’s perfect as a spy camera for the home. You can also use it as a body-cam if you want to keep memories from a trip.

Camsoy C6 Cookycam Wearable Mini Camera

This tiny HD camera can feel like a coin in your pocket. It supports Wi-Fi remote control as well as AP P2P and IP connectivity. The Camsoy C6 can support up to 64GB MicroSD for a straight 16-day recording.

It comes with accessories for a magnetic pad, metal sticker, and a magnetic rotation mount. It has night vision and a 350mAh Lithium-ion battery. It also features alarm recording and cycle recording.

HUOMU Mini Spy Cam 1080P HD Wireless Wi-Fi Remote View

If you want a camera with exceptional night vision, choose HUOMU Hidden Spy Cam. The dimensions of the camera are 2.6” x 1” x 0.6” only. Its features include 1080P HD live video, 150-degree wide-angle lens, and motion detection push alerts.

It uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, but its battery life lasts only 1.5 hours at full charge. It comes with a free iOS and Android app that can support more than one camera. Because of its 150-degree point of view, you don’t need to get a big and bulky rotating security camera.

Ensure the Security and Safety of Your Home

Home security is a very important aspect of home living. Everybody deserves to feel safe and secure in their home. Again, installing them serves as a safety blanket for those left at home.

That’s it for our guide to home surveillance cameras and why they matter.

We hope you keep your home safe with our tips and our list of top surveillance cameras in the market now. We hope you get to watch over your family members at home without worry. If you want to see more guides on security and safety, check out our other posts.

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