The Real Cost of Medical Treatment Around the World

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Staying healthy isn’t always easy – especially if you’re from a country where healthcare isn’t free. While the NHS has ensured people in the UK are able to get help on demand, the same can’t be said of some of these countries.

Here’s the real cost of medical treatment in five different nations from across the world.

1. Germany

The Germans are an efficient bunch, having earned notoriety for their ability to get the job done swiftly, regardless of what it is.

Despite that, they’re actually surprisingly high up on the capita list – coming in as the 13th most expensive country in the world per person.

alpsThe costs extend all across the country, with even the Alps in Bavaria seeing sums rising to crazy levels. In that region, it costs $120,000 for every air-rescue helicopter that’s used.

Cost per capita: $5,006

2. Indonesia

Things are very different when you hop over to Indonesia, with the Asian nation suffering a cost of just $107 per head for annual medical expenses.

The situation is a little different in Bali however, where hordes of monkeys are found to populate the area. The Ubud Monkey Sanctuary might be a wonder to behold, but the little furry fellas do bite.

The cost of one rabies vaccination can rise as high as $2,000 – so try your hardest to avoid letting one of these simians sink their teeth into you.

Cost per capita: $107

3. USA

It’s been well documented across the past few decades, perhaps no more apparently than by documentary maker Michael Moore in his film “Sicko”, that the US has a slightly flawed system when it comes to healthcare.

hospitalPrices are at times extortionate, with patients finding themselves in immense levels of debt for anything more than a couple of days in hospital.
Shockingly, an 18-day stay in hospital will see you wrack up costs in excess of a mind-boggling $800,000 in Houston, Texas. The moral of the story is: don’t get sick in America.

Cost per capita: $9,146

4. Japan

The Japanese healthcare system is probably one of the “fairest” around, with citizens being asked to pay for 30% of their medical costs and the government for the remaining 70%.

That’s a good thing if you’re facing a trip to accident and emergency, with a visit, a broken arm and follow-up surgery totting up to an overall cost of $25,000.

It’s not unlikely to snap the odd bone or two when you’re young, so it’s fortunate you don’t have to fork out for most of these costs.

Cost per capita: $3,966

5. Ghana

Concluded our list is a nation which is often devastated by the ravenous disease, Malaria. While healthcare in Ghana is one of the cheapest in the world, costs still mount up when dealing with this deadly bug.

An eight-day stay in hospital will set someone back as much as $8,000 – prices which, naturally, no natives in the country will be able to afford at any point of their lives.

Cos per capita: $100

You’ll now hopefully have a better understanding of how medical expenses compare around the world. Bear some of these in mind when you’re next out in any of these countries.

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