Pumped for Pumpkin Fest

It’s small town America at her best – The Sycamore Pumpkin Fest! This little town’s population doubles each year – and rightly so – as they roll out the Halloween red carpet.

Join us as we attend the pumpkin weigh-in, get scared snotless while playing Zombie Miniature Golf, take in a great parade, and listen to spooky stories in a cemetery!

And get awesome ideas for YOUR jack-o’-lantern at the humongous display on the courthouse lawn.

Oh – and watch what happens when Veronica enters the pie eating contest… CONTINUE READING >>

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11 thoughts on “Pumped for Pumpkin Fest”

  1. This is the best kind of “travel” post, one that really tells you about a place. Real life immersion in a real life place. I don’t even mind that it’s about autumn, which I don’t want to think about after last winter.

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