Pros And Cons Of Living On A Boat

It can be a calming existence to live on a boat, surrounded by nature and with a close-knit society of like-minded boaters. But with the constant upkeep and complexities coming along with living in a confined space, it isn’t amenable for everyone. Living on the water is an affordable way to live, but you need to love marine life to commit to this specific lifestyle.

Pros Of Living On Boat

A life spent on a boat on the sea, river, or lake isn’t for everyone. However, just because you’re considering it suggests you might appreciate the freedom and simplicity of life in the bodies of water. The types of boats available and their locations to moor, plus a host of lifestyle considerations, can all be taken into account.

Learn more about the pros of living in a boat:

1. Relaxed Lifestyle

Today’s fast-paced, demanding, and complicated world makes it hard to slow down and savor life. However, being in touch with nature is only the beginning of the embrace of freedom. Being materialistic, especially in more populous US states, isn’t an option since there isn’t space to store anything besides absolute necessities.

But if you’re living near bodies of water like Virginia, you could experience a relaxed and unhurried time by the shore. If you see yourself picturing such a life, have your Virginia boating license online to get the proper authorization.

2. Cheaper Living Expenses

You can get so much out of living on a boat if you pick the right one. People who are retired, frequent business travelers, or individuals who can work anywhere may find living on their boat more affordable than a house.

However, keep in mind you need to calculate your expenses for maintenance, taxes, marina fees, dining out more frequently, insurance, depreciation, and others. You can make a massive difference between committing to a fulfilling life on your boat or living a short-lived fantasy by being honest with yourself about your preferred lifestyle.

3. Eco-friendly

Those who are environmentally conscious will find living on a boat more conservative than living in a home because your energy usage would drastically be reduced. For instance, the amount of water you use on your boat is limited since you won’t use an electrical generator much.

Another advantage to boating is solar panels are more straightforward to connect to a boat than your house. All these utility usages leave you with a minimal carbon footprint, making the planet cleaner and healthier.

4. Healthy And Active Way Of Life

Health tends to suffer as lives grow progressively sedentary, and gym memberships become even more vital to keep being active. On a boat, you won’t be able to avoid regular physical activities. Boat cleaning and maintenance, daily chores of maintaining a boat, among others, are an exercise in themselves.

You’ll find your fitness levels improving in no time if you add a longer stroll to a nearby town, walking through nature, along with swimming, diving, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Cons Of Living On Boat

As much as living on a boat is advantageous in some aspects, it has its drawbacks as well. Here are some of them:

1. Maintenance

Boats are much more vulnerable to weather, microorganisms on the water, corrosion, and rust damage because they’re more exposed to various elements. To protect your property and prevent minor problems from becoming much more extensive and costly down the road, regular maintenance is essential.

2. Limited Space

There’s a lack of both personal space and cupboard space in a boat. No matter how big it is, no boat would be able to store away as much as a house. Although you can avail of storage lockers services, there’s little room left over, so staying on top of your organizing is vital. There are no personal washing machines, only small fridges and closets hung with hangers.

You can’t get along well with someone on a boat since space is limited. It can be an enjoyable experience, but you’ll have to ask your partner or loved ones to spare you some space each time you walk from the kitchen to the bedroom of your sailboat.

3. Bad Weather And Stray Animals

Getting through nature can be challenging on a boat, and some unwanted guests can be hard to handle. Insects such as spiders and mosquitoes, as well as cockroaches, need to be dealt with swiftly. Like rats and rodents, stray cats, frogs, and some other animals nearby could be attracted to live in the sanctuary of your shelter. You need to be tidy by not leaving food out, so seals and otters don’t get into your food.

Although listening to the drip of rain is soothing, a thumping storm might not be as pleasant. All anchoring lines must be secured when the boat is rocking severely due to typhoons and destructive storms. You have to remember to reserve enough fuel for the cold winters as well.


Having thoroughly examined the good and bad sides of life on a boat, do you think you’re ready to take the plunge? Remember, if you’re a nature lover and a simple person who’s contented with living a simple lifestyle, you probably will fall in love with living on a boat.

On the flip side, if all these perks don’t seem enough for you, then you better keep your home now and continue your everyday life away from the sea.

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