Preparing To Travel For A Year

Are you ready to give up your current life, and possibly a job to travel the world? Congrats, you are courageous enough to take on this adventure. Many people dream of traveling to Europe and across the world, but never actually do it. Of course, it takes time and planning to embark on this new journey of yours. You must prepare for leaving your home base for a year and plan for all that you’ll need while you are away. Follow along if you are ready to leave as a brave and beautiful soul!

Expect To Miss People And Worry Them

While you are away friends and family will miss you and worry on your behalf. Quitting a job and putting your career on hold seems like a huge risk to make in the eyes of others. However, not everyone will understand. The goal is for you to do something truly meaningful in your life– your career can always wait for you. Not only that, but while you are exploring new places and traveling through different time zones you will have people who worry about your safety. Try to check in with your loved ones frequently and remind them that you are doing well and you are safe. Plenty of cafes and airports offer wifi so that you can make a phone call or send out a text if you need it. On the other side of things, expect you will miss people just as much as they miss you. No matter if you are already traveling with a friend or significant other, you will most likely think about the ones you care about while gone.

Moving Or Selling Your Home

If you have decided to sell your home, this is a big decision. You will need to learn how to price your home or rent it out while you are gone. On the other hand, if you were just renting, you just have to ensure your lease term is up. If your lease is month-to-month then you are in the clear. While you are away, you may want to consolidate items or find a storage unit to hold them while they are gone. If you can afford to keep your home while away, then this is a great option as you can continue to store your items there and have them waiting for you when you are back.

Don’t Over Plan

Travelers who are used to planning weekend trips or long vacations may feel inclined to plan as many logistical details as possible. However, keeping your itinerary open provides for more flexibility and spontaneity than if you over-booked yourself. Purchase your transcontinental flights in advance, otherwise, leave an open schedule. Part of the fun of living adventurously is to wake up and ask yourself, “what do I feel like doing today?” Who knows, mauve you’ll end up in entire countries you didn’t plan to visit and it will be spectacular. You may even meet new people who guide you to some new location or spot that makes you stay in a place one or two days longer than originally expected. Point is, don’t try to over-plan and force yourself to follow a strict schedule.

Know Your Budget

This is crucial before you travel. Obviously, you have planned this with enough time that you have saved. Knowing how much you can afford and how long you want to travel will help you make the financial decisions that are necessary while abroad or across the world. Make sure that you have a travel credit card handy because many foreign countries will charge extra fees if you try to pay with an American debit card. Travel credit cards eliminate any hassle in this sense. If not, cash works just fine. Try to research how much airbnbs or places cost in an area before going– that way you can set a monthly budget to keep yourself on track.

Embrace The Journey

The most important part of it all is to embrace the journey and make the best of what your day presents you. You will encounter times where you get lost, confused, or fearful but this is part of the adventure. Most of all, it will be an experience that you never forget!

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