Playa del Carmen Getaway, Beach Hotel Experience

When we’re looking for a great place to make a getaway, we try to pick one with a huge variety of options and attractions. Everything from fantastic beaches, to historic ruins, to hidden treasures, to incredible food choices. Mexico’s Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya certainly fits that description perfectly.

We also want to stay somewhere that’s inviting, comfortable, and in a location that makes it easy to enjoy all of the above. The Playa del Carmen Beach Hotel certainly meets all of those desires.

First of all, we can simply walk right out on to the beautiful private beach from our room. There’s no driving, busses, or cabs to catch, just take a few steps and it’s Caribbean sand and sun fun time!

That very same beach can also be incorporated into some once in a lifetime experiences such as a romantic gourmet dinner at a candlelit table. Who wouldn’t love dining under the moon and stars while being serenaded by the rhythm of the waves?

Or how about an amazing seaside spa treatment featuring organic treatments inspired by Mexican elements and ancient traditions? Now that’s what we call a day at the beach!

But sometimes we don’t really feel like getting sand in our toes, yet we still want to enjoy the water and the sun. That’s when the spectacular rooftop adults only pool is unbeatable. Perfectly warmed water awaits while overlooking the exquisite crystal blue sea below.

While we could easily spend several days enjoying all of the amenities of the Playa del Carmen Beach Hotel, we also love to explore. Lucky for us there are a ton of exciting and interesting places to visit nearby.

It just wouldn’t seem right to come all he way down here and not take the short ferry ride across to Cozumel. It takes less than an hour and makes any day into a Caribbean island getaway.

We also love history and ancient ruins, so the quick trip just a few miles down the coast to the excavated Mayan ruins at Tulum was definitely on our list.

Tulum is the Mayan word for fence or wall, and the city dates back around eight hundred years. Back then it served as a sacred site as well as a sea port for the Mayans, who were known to trade up and down the coast.

An even closer encounter and an unforgettable adventure is the absolutely awe inspiring Rio Secreto. Wading / walking / floating through this underground river is without a doubt one of the coolest experiences we have ever had.

The colors and formations are unbelievable, but oddly enough, the highlight for both of us was when the entire group turned off all of our lights and just stood very still in the complete darkness.

As modern people we almost never encounter actual, total darkness. It is so unusual that we, and almost everyone with us, found it to be somewhat unsettling. I have to say, it felt good to turn the lights back on.

With all of this exploring, we were bound to get hungry. Good thing that Playa del Carmen Beach Hotel has several outstanding options when it comes to dining. If outdoor casual is the order of the day then the MVNGATA Rooftop should be at the top of the menu. It is perfect for lunch or a sunset dinner.

For breakfast or a quick bite MVNGATA Beach Club and MVNGATA Kitchen are perfect choices. The Beach Club serves seafood and snacks right on the sand while MVNGATA Kitchen features Contemporary Mexican fare.

But if it’s an Italian Restaurant in Playa del Carmen that you’re looking for, nothing beats Tramonti. The intimate atmosphere makes this restaurant feel like a personalized dining experience. Still, the food is the star of the show.

Chef Omar Martínez creates classic Italian cuisine that runs from the traditional pizzas and pastas, to innovative dishes incorporating fresh seafood right out of the water. And, of course, desserts that are to die for.

OK, not literally. We most certainly want to stay alive to enjoy every bit of Playa del Carmen that we can.

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