Pest Control: Prevention and Methods in the Furniture Store

Furniture stores are not exempted from pest invasion. Bed bugs may find their way to the store. And, since some furniture is made up of wood, termites can become a problem as well.

Exercising prevention then is very important to a store. Being lax on that part may become a big problem for a furniture store, which can incur huge losses on product returns, customer complaints, furniture damage, and losing brand reputation. As a furniture store owner, how can you prevent bed bugs and termites from invading the premises? Learn some tips here.

DIY Termite Control Tips

One thing about these termites is that they are extremely pesky. Before acting upon the following measures, please be reminded that if the infestation is beyond your control, do not hesitate to seek professional help so as not to risk your health and your employees in the process.

However, if the problem isn’t all too severe, you may freely apply these tips:

    1. Apply Boric Acid 

Termites are more attracted to damp and dark areas. This is the main reason why they tend to inhabit areas where there is wood.

Since most furniture stores contain wooden furniture on display, try termite proofing the wooden furniture with boric acid or borate, so as not to attract these raging bugs.

Borate is a termite repellent that you can easily spray on your furniture to stop termites from infesting. However, it is better to consult the furniture manufacturer first to be safe because the acid might interact with the furniture coating being used.

    1. Regularly Expose your Furniture to the Sun

By exposing your furniture with suspected termites out in the sun for 2 days tops, the heat will dry up the moisture in your wooden furniture all the while eradicating any termites in the process.

The heat can eliminate termites while also drying off the moisture in the wood, thus killing off the bugs and avoiding infestations.

    1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

If you have dysfunctional ventilation inside your stores, condensation tends to accumulate in specific areas, thus moistening it and risking it from termite migration.

Try fixing the ventilation in your stores to ensure a secure and safe environment.

    1. Keep Trees and Shrubs out of your Area

Keep shrubs out of your vicinity, so as not to let termites thrive closely to your area. Vegetations can cause a great problem. Vegetation control can help prevent termites from infesting.

More Termite Prevention Tips

Just as the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than Cure”, this can also apply to this situation.

It’s better to secure your stores with proper protection beforehand, instead of going through a process of contacting professional help to get rid of the annoying infestation.

Luckily for you, here are more tips that will help you out:

    1. Clean Out your Stores 

As stated above, Termites love to thrive in moist areas, especially the dark. Reducing these specific areas by doing routine cleaning inside the store can likely lessen the problem.

By getting rid of these moist areas, you can further prevent a future termite infestation. Repairing leaky faucets or water pipes is highly advisable.

    1. Monitor your Furniture

Your stores will be filled with different types of furniture and if you aren’t cautious enough, pests of various kinds may come in and ruin your items.

Furniture stores in Toronto always employ regular quality checks to make sure that all furniture are in good condition. Schedule a pest infestation check or might as well have the professionals do the checking.

If you’re dealing with a rat problem, try contacting the nearest rat removal services in Leslieville, they can get rid of your rat infestation in no time.

Or, if you have spiders lurking in the store, worry not because you may also seek professional help from pest control businesses. You can always find experts offering spider control services in Barrie and Toronto.

The Possibility of Bed Bugs in Stores

Bed Bugs can effortlessly travel from one person to the next since they can hide in someone’s backpack or personal belongings without being noticed. This is what makes retail stores so prone to various pest infestations.

The areas with the highest risk of bed bug infestations are usually the small stores since they have a bit of trouble controlling their problem financially.

The most critical regions within a retail store for bed bugs to appear will depend on the activities of the customers or personnel.

Take for example areas where the customers tend to vacate their personal belongings and leave them there for a considerable amount of time. This can heighten the chances of these pests dispersing in that specific area.

Locker rooms, fitting rooms, and shopping carts all fit inside the list of places with the highest probability of infestation.

Bed Bug Prevention and Control Measures

Although infestations may seem daunting at first and can discourage you from working or living in that area, this can easily be avoided if you follow these 5 short tips:

    1. Reduce Clutter

Since bed bugs also tend to gather in cluttered areas, reducing the clutter can help prevent them from further expanding inside your stores.

    1. Educate Employees

Conducting training exercises, or providing efficient information, can be a great preventive measure.

Trained employees can now take matters into their own hands when it comes to prevention and control.

    1. Plan Ahead

It is always better to prepare various plans from Plan A, all the way to Plan Z. You will be ready to act out and contact the necessary businesses that can aid you in eradicating this pesky issue.

Keeping an organized list of all pest control services and contacting them for regular preventive checks is a wise investment.

    1. Have a Vacuum Ready

Vacuums can also be of immense help to your stores. Though this may not guarantee 100% removal, this can still get rid of a good amount of bed bugs that may enter your stores.

    1. Inspect your Stores 

Bed Bugs travel from one person to the next that is why store owners and employees need to conduct weekly cleaning schedules. Regular cleaning can help you easily spot signs of infestations.

Bed bugs, termites, and all different types of pests are problems that furniture stores want to avoid. Learning these methods one by one and putting your knowledge into good practice will prevent these pest problems.

Discovering more newfound information every day can also be an effective practice. Keep updated on new ways to handle such pests, so you can easily prevent pest infestations from occurring.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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