Perks of Being a Teacher

Teaching is a truly noble profession. It gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of thousands of students. As a teacher, you get to learn new things day in and day out. With the field of education undergoing rapid advancements of late, now is a wonderful time to kickstart your teaching career.

The widespread adoption of online teaching on a global scale has also contributed towards making the job of a teacher more flexible. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic, when schools and college campuses were shut down, locking millions of students and teachers across the entire nation out of the classroom, a greater emphasis has been given to e-learning which has helped in making teaching and learning far simpler and flexible than ever before. Some good classroom apps make the job of a teacher even easier by integrating revolutionary features such as online teaching through mobile, digital whiteboards, seamless teaching in low data more, automated attendance, automated fee collection system, and likewise. Take a look at some of the perks of being a teacher. For those considering a career in teaching, these perks will make it a whole lot easier in making an informed choice….

Holidays and adjustable working hours-

Apart from long summer and winter breaks, there are also a whole lot of other holidays at schools around the year. This is actually a great benefit especially for teachers who have children themselves. As a parent, your schedule typically matches with your children. Even if you have to make lesson plans or get assigned any other work, you can do it from the comfort of your home and will be able to spend quality time with your kids relatively easily. Moreover, with the advent of online teaching, you have the luxury to work from home and be flexible with your work hours.

Highly rewarding-

As a teacher, you are solely responsible for helping your students to evolve and blossom into responsible citizens of the nation. Apart from giving your best efforts in teaching the subject, you can contribute in other ways by inspiring and sharing motivational quotes for students. There is no better feeling than finally making the students understand something which they struggled with initially. As a teacher, you will hold sway over your students’ lives, their ambitions, and in developing their academic, social and emotional side. This is a position of great responsibility and that is exactly what makes it so rewarding.

Each day is different-

There is a good possibility that you will like teaching better than other relatively mundane corporate jobs. No two days are the same as a teacher. You could be teaching different subjects and lessons to different classes each year. Even if you teach the same subject to two different classes, your experience will be a whole lot different from class to class. Therefore, the job profile of a teacher is fairly dynamic and it may prove to be a great fit for you if you are someone who embraces change and seeks out a bit of adventure in your life.

Lifelong Learner-

As a teacher, you are en route to a life of learning and gaining knowledge. You will always come across new things, discover new topics as an educator. Teachers learn so much from their students throughout their tenure. Moreover, you will need to keep yourself updated with new technology and stay on top of the latest trends in pedagogy. All of these things will help you in learning a lot and learning continuously, thereby allowing you to make full use of your time and widening your experience as a human being.

Better social life-

Teaching jobs provide ample freedom to create a balance between professional, personal, and social lives. Apart from all the added holidays that teachers get, which is unheard of in any other profession, most teaching jobs are day-based. By afternoon, most school teachers are free to go. Thus, they have ample opportunity to enjoy their evenings with friends and family.

Teaching is a job of great responsibility but truly rewarding nonetheless. We hope that the perks mentioned above will serve as a guiding light for you in deciding if a career in teaching is a good fit for you. Happy teaching!

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