Pandemic Travel Guide for Vaping Enthusiasts

If you are a vaping enthusiast and have traveled with your supplies and equipment before, you will probably know all it takes. But things can be a tad different when you have a trip in mind in the pandemic era because you need to be a lot more careful before stepping out. There are essential virus-safety norms to follow, in addition to the regular rules of vape travel. If you fail to follow either, you can land in big trouble with the law and the virus. So it makes sense to plan your trip well while keeping both things in mind. You will surely have a safe and enjoyable vacation as usual once you sort these out. Let us share a helpful pandemic travel guide for vaping enthusiasts.

Research your destination

The first piece of advice remains pretty much the same. You will only have to go the extra mile with the research part now that you need to choose a cannabis-friendly destination that is safe from the virus perspective as well. It is best to pick a nearby place for the vacation so that you can take a road trip and avoid the risks and hassles of air travel. Check the facts related to the coronavirus at the place, such as the number of active cases, infection rates, travel restrictions, and quarantine requirements. Go through the local vaping rules so that you are always on the right side of the law.

Pick and pack your supplies carefully

Another helpful piece of advice for traveling with vape supplies is to pick and pack your supplies carefully because you will not want any undue attention on the way. Whatever mode of transport you opt for, you need to be discreet. Pack your stuff in plastic bags so that the aroma does not act as a giveaway. Choose your vaping device carefully too, as something bulky can be suspicious. Check the compact Yocan Evolve Plus and buy it before you plan your next trip. The compact device will easily fit inside your carry-on luggage, and you can take it along without worries. Moreover, its battery lasts long, so you need not worry about charging it time and again during the trip.

Follow the rules while you are there

The idea of a vaping vacation seems like a great one after a year of being cooped up at home. But you must be ready to follow all the rules when you are there. The list will be longer if you plan to vape on the trip. Start by choosing a cannabis-friendly accommodation so that you can consume it without raising eyebrows. Steer clear of vaping in public places and be judicious about quantities and duration of the sessions. Also, stick with the Covid-safety protocols while you are there. Pay attention to social distancing and always wear a face mask. Adherence will keep you safe from the virus and legal troubles.

Pandemic travel with weed requires some planning and precaution, but doing them right will keep you safe and happy. Moreover, you need not stress about going wrong with the vaping law or getting infected by the virus.

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