Our Top Bucket List Adventures To Do While In Europe

If Europe is one of the countries on your bucket list to visit, this blog is your sign that you must! Planning for a trip to Europe can be overwhelming yet exciting, whether it’s for your studies, work, or just a getaway from your normal daily life. A continent with 44 countries, visiting Europe may not be as simple as you might imagine. On the brighter side, you have an endless list of activities and places to visit during your stay here! You may feel lost with what to do and where to go while in Europe, but not to worry as we will guide you. 

If you already have a bucket list of adventures to do during your stay in Europe, that’s absolutely fine. But you might feel like adding more to your list by the end of our blog! So, don’t stop yourself from adding more adventures to your bucket list as it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a conclusive decision. After all, who knows our bucket list adventures might lead you to an experience that you had never known to exist.

Take A Vacation In Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park In Spain

If you have never heard about this location, it’s time you need to! The Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park is one of the most underrated places in Europe, and it is located in Spain. It is a majestic place that is surrounded by coastal areas with breathtaking beaches. Simply taking a stroll around the locality and beaches as you capture some snaps for memory will surely give healing to your inner peace. It is a sight you will never regret visiting!

Spend A Night To Witness The Northern Lights In Norway

Although northern lights can be witnessed from other European countries like Sweden, Finland, Russia, Alaska, southern Greenland, and Canada, Tromso in Norway is regarded by the majority as the best location to catch a glimpse of the Aurora. Northern Lights is one way to witness jaw-dropping natural masterpieces, where the sky is filled with dynamic glow patterns with different formations. One has 200 chances in a year to witness this rare moment, so take the chance! 

Visit The Black Forest In Germany

Have you ever heard of the black forest in Germany? This vacation, take an adventurous trip to the black forest located in Germany, which is known for its majestic beauty in the mountain ranges nestled in the southwestern corner of the land. The magnificence of the black forest will take you into the realms of fairy tales, except that it is real! You can take a hike to the Ravenna Gorge or cross the bridge located there, take a bite of the region’s signature ‘The Black Forest Gateau’, visit the pretty villages, or experience the luxury spas while admiring the dense area.

Take An Escape To Sant’Andrea Island, Venice, Italy

When we think about Venice, we immediately direct our minds to a tourist hotspot. However, Sant’Andrea Island is one of the many underappreciated places in Italy that most people are not aware of its serene charm and sublime beauty. You can sign up for adventurous activities like boat tours, wine tasting, street food, scuba diving and many more as you make a quick escape to this hidden getaway. 

Observe Sprinters In Action, Cheltenham, The UK

If you are into sports or racing, you can take this opportunity to witness a live horse racing event during your Europe trip. Although horse racing events are held in other European countries, one of the most renowned racing events is the Cheltenham Festival held at Cheltenham in the UK. Horse racing is a unique and elite sport, reflecting the country’s vibrant sports tradition. The best part about this adventure is that you can not only witness live racing but also place bets on your favourite horse. You can find what horse race is happening tomorrow and plan accordingly. Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot, and Grand National are a few other prestigious horse racing events you can attend while in the UK! 

Wander Around The Lavender Fields In Provence, France

If your trip plan is in summer, the lavender fields in Provence, France, are one of our adventure bucket lists that we recommend. The vast blue and violet field filled with lavender plants is surely a sight to catch sight of, and they smell great! Several lavender fields will be in bloom during the summer in Provence, and the best time to visit is from June to August. While at it, you can also visit the museums dedicated to lavender and learn more about the plant or visit the local villages. 

Explore the Spectacular Gorges de la Restonica in Corsica

If you are into sporty adventures like hiking and cycling, we highly recommend exploring the Gorges de la Restonica located on Corsica Island, France. The Gorges de la Restonica is surrounded by forest and nature, and is another lesser known but definitely worthy of your visit! About two lakes after, the La Restonica Valley can be found, where you will get the most breathtaking view of the entire region from there. Take a cruise ship and enjoy the beautiful sunset, go for a dive into the sea, or visit a nearby restaurant and savour the local delicacies. 

Hidden Coastal Gem — Popeye Village, Malta

Did you know? The Popeye Village also known as the Sweethaven Village is actually based on the ‘Popeye’ musical from 1980. The village is located in Anchor Bay, about 3 km away from Mellieha, Malta. This hidden gem was constructed in 1979 and is one of the most underrated places in the world. The crystal blue water and the buildings around are such a picturesque panorama, and you can take some really cool shots for your social media content as well. 

In conclusion, planning a trip to Europe can bring you so many adventures and endless discoveries. Whether you want to experience the tranquil beauty of nature, the quaint charm of ancient villages, or just get into extreme dynamic adventures, Europe is ever ready to serve you with everything you want and wish. Happy travels!

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