Online Slot Addiction Problems: Signs and Symptoms

All slot fans would probably agree that playing slots is a brilliant way to have fun, pass the time and win huge prizes, plus, there are so many different slot types and themes to choose from that players are completely spoilt for choice and the best thing is that slots are so accessible players can enjoy their favourite or brand new slot titles at from wherever they are, whenever they feel like it thanks to mobile slots and online casinos.

With slots being easier to access than ever before, it can also be easier than ever to go overboard and gambling in this way on a regular basis can lead to problem gambling. With it being easier than ever before to slip into bad habits that can negatively impact your life and mental health, it’s so important to make sure you look after your own interests and enjoy slots responsibly. Here are some of the most common signs of problem gambling and slot addition so you can start to recognise any problematic behaviours before it spirals out of control.

Hiding your slot play from others

One of the biggest signs your gambling habit is verging on unhealthy is that you hide your slot play from others and pretend you don’t gamble as much as you do, or how much you spend. This kind of behaviour can lead to lots of problems for your relationships, so if you gamble more than you’d like to admit, it may be a sign that you’re gambling too much. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to confide in someone you trust and seek help.

Spending over your budget

One of the biggest signs of a gambling problem is that you spend too much money, maybe even spending money you don’t have that you need for other things like bills or your mortgage. To avoid this, set yourself a budget before you play and stick to it strictly and don’t chase your losses.

Playing slots at inappropriate times

Playing slots is a brilliant past-time and perfect for playing while relaxing on the sofa on an evening or passing the time while you’re on the bus to work, but if you find yourself playing when you should either be working or doing other things, this is when gambling becomes problematic.

Becoming more isolated from family and friends 

If you’re spending too much time playing slots this could mean you spend less and less time with family and friends, which could mean you become more isolated and miss out on important times with loved ones.

If you find you’re losing touch with loved ones and you’re constantly turning down invites because you’d prefer to stay home and play slots, this may mean that you are developing a gambling habit. Set certain times aside for your slot play and limit your slot play to those times to make sure you aren’t spending too much time playing slots.

Life is all about balance and playing slots can be a brilliant past time, but everything in moderation!

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