Off on a Road Trip: Tips to Keep your Car Clean with Kids

When travelling with kids, a mess is often inevitable. They are often prone to leaving behind a trail of everything they do or eat. Drink spills, food wrappers, toys, clothes, and even bodily fluids can make your car a huge mess that is difficult to travel in. For that reason, travelling with kids needs extra planning and preparation than usual.

Just some of the things you might want to consider to keep your car clean with kids include a car seat protector, organisers, storage for trash, and more. This way, you can ensure that your trip goes well.

Most parents are discouraged and avoid taking a road trip, considering the chaos they may have to deal with. However, a little preparation and mindful choices can make things much easier for you. Here are some hacks that will encourage you to plan a successful road trip and give your kids an experience for a lifetime.

Use seat covers

The simplest way to prevent your car seats from getting messy is to cover them with protectors. You can find a wide variety of seat covers based on your needs and budget, such as an affordable car seat protector from Maxi-Cosi. Cloth covers provide lesser protection and need to be washed frequently. However, these covers are more comfortable and economical. You can also choose plastic covers that can be easily washed without taking them off and provide greater protection from spillage.

Carry storage for trash

Kids tend to throw away food wrappers and used up crayons wherever they are done with them. You can have separate storage such as a plastic bag and encourage your kids to throw such waste in the trash storage. You can use tissue boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and small baskets creatively to make ‘the trash cans’ more fun to use.

Remove bad odours

A single spill of wrong things or even opening a food pack can fill the car with an unpleasant odour. The odour gets trapped inside the car, spoiling your entire journey. You can use some easy home methods to keep the odour at bay. For instance, place a box of baking soda underneath the driver’s, passenger’s, and back seats. Baking soda has no harmful chemicals which make it safe to use even for long hours. It can also be easily wiped or vacuumed if spills. You can also keep an air freshener handy in your car.

Clean the surfaces and cup holders

You can use simple baby wipes or wet wipes to clean the surfaces inside the car. Kids are curious and just cannot control their hands. You cannot avoid them staining the windows, doors, or seats but with wipes handy, you can clean these surfaces as soon as they get dirty and prevent permanent stains. You can also use an old sock with detergent to clean the cuphold ers.

Take organisers along

Apart from seat covers, an organiser is another thing that you should add to your shopping list. Compartmentalised organisers allow you to keep your kids’ stuff sorted and keeps your seats uncluttered and clean. Unlike bags in which it can take forever to find a single item, organisers allow you to get anything necessary in seconds.

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