Now What? Six Things to do When you get Back from Travelling

Tired. Jetlagged. In need of a shower and rocking a gorgeous tan. If you’ve just got back after travelling the world for a few months, this will probably sound familiar. As much as you’ve enjoyed exploring what the world has to offer, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed and seeing your family and friends again.

There’s a lot to sort out on your return from your travels, as well as people to see, things to unpack and sleep to catch up on – it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by all the sudden responsibility and expectation, especially when your lifestyle has been considerably laid back these past few months. So, to make things a little easier on your jet-lagged mind, we’ve gathered six things you should definitely do when you get back from travelling.

Organise your travel photos

You’ve got thousands right? Who can blame you? You’ve probably captured some incredible moments on your travels and they deserve to be put on show for the world to see. These little pick me ups will certainly help you through those difficult moments when you’re missing the freedom of travel and longing to jump on a plane again. Hello Canvas has a great range of ways you can display your travel pictures. Click the link to find out more.


Video calls and emails are great, but nothing beats seeing your family and friends in the flesh. Make sure you take some time to reconnect with family and spend time catching up with friends. Of course, you’ll be bursting with travel stories but make sure you catch up with everything that’s been happening in their lives since you left too.

Stay connected

In the same vein as reconnecting with your family back home, take some time to stay connected with your new friends and travel family overseas. If you’ve made friends for life, keep in touch. Email, social media, video call – reach out, they’ll be so glad to hear from you.

Think about your work options

It’s a subject you probably don’t want to think about right now, but it has to happen sooner or later! Finding work of some variety will not only stop you from getting bored, but you’ll be able to save up for your next travel adventure much quicker if you have a steady source of income. Utilise those new skills you mastered whilst on the other side of the world. Working well under pressure, problem-solving, communicating and even the charity work you did will all look great on your CV and make you stand apart from other candidates.

Transfer all your travel money

Got some dollars, Thai baht or other currency left over in your travel wallet? Don’t forget about it. Head to a travel money provider and have it changed back; the amount you have left over might surprise you.

And finally, look after yourself

Months of interesting dietary choices, lack of exercise and more alcohol than you’re used to has probably taken its toll. You may find that your muscles and back are sore from moving beds so often. Take some time to look after yourself and get back into a healthy routine. Your body and mind will thank you.

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