Murano Glass Gift Ideas for Different Accessions

We celebrate and remember several special occasions in our life. We celebrate these days with gifts for our friends and show how important the days are to us. One special gift idea for your loved one is a unique piece of handmade craft from Italy. A special gift on a special occasion will always leave a trace of memory that lasts for a long. Murano glass objects are extraordinary and always distinct gift ideas. They are unique artwork created with the passion of the craft men.

In this article, we will highlight some great Murano glass gift ideas.

Murano glass tableware

Among all the Murano glass tableware gift ideas are some unique and treasured gifts. They include tableware and dining set like wine glasses, drinking glasses, goblets, pitchers, and limoncello. These sets of glassware are made with gold, murines, millefiori.

Murano glass sculpture

Murano glass sculptures or paintings are cherished and long-lasting Murano glass gift ideas. The sculpture can be of animals, birds, fishes, or humans. You will always get the best selection. There are also small sculptured objects or big figurines. Those who are animal enthusiasts can get their choice of animal sculptures made with Murano glass. Select animal sculptures like bright-colored horses, bulls, elephants, scorpions, rhinos, owls, antelopes, deer, tigers, tortoises, alligators, and seals.

Murano glass centerpiece

According to Original Murano Glass OMG® centrepieces are focal decoration pieces for your home décor. They include bowls, plates, and dishes. Murano glass centerpieces are attractive gift ideas worth presenting. The glass plate selection comes with murrina and avventurina decorations. The bowls are produced with modern designs and a multi-colored appearance with gold or silver decorations. Some of the bowl decorations have Venice landscape etched on them. Your families, friends, neighbors, or colleagues will truly appreciate the unique Murano glass centerpiece as a gift.

Murano glass vase

Murano glass vase is another special gift idea from Murano glass object. Murano glass vases can give an additional ambiance to any interior home décor. The Murano glass vase is a handmade piece of art with fanciful shapes, designs, and color combinations. It gives one the idea of why Vetro di Murano is highly demanded even after eight centuries of its origin. For a more special design of Murano glass vase with attractive engravings, check for the Veronese vase collection. Each piece of the collection is designed with perfect beauty and expert craftsmanship. Another magnificent Murano glass vase collection with murrina décor is the harlequin vase collection. You can pick any of these vase collections for a Christmas or wedding gift.

Murano glass customized gift

If you want to make people feel more elated, you can present them with a customized gift. They are more valuable to them. You can give them any of the Murano glass objects as custom-made gifts. An example is a Murano glass clock that can be put on the walls of their living room, bedroom, or kitchen. These Murano glass clocks come in unequaled shapes and styles.

You are guaranteed that any of these Murano glass objects are genuine. The gifts will be customized with shapes, colors, and details you choose by the craftsmen.

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