Most Common Truck Towing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Towing truck companies are life saviors in emergencies and desperate times when all of a sudden, your car breaks down. Ironically, cars mostly break down at odd times or in the middle of nowhere; in both scenarios, help is difficult to find, but calling a tow truck company can save you from a lot of hassle. But not all towing companies are as reliable as and may make mistakes while towing your car, resulting in further damages and unwanted expenses. Following are some of the most common mistakes that truck towing services usually make and how they can be avoided.

Weight Distribution

This is the most common mistake made by towing trucks; they miscalculate the weight of the client’s car and also their truck’s. Undoubtedly towing trucks are massive and strong, but they cannot defy the laws of physics. Miscalculating weight can lead to further damages and put a dent in your finances. Before delivering the service, it is better to know the weight of the truck and the automobile that is about to get towed.

Check Brakes

Towed cars suffer further damage during the transport if brakes are not taken care of properly. This is a fairly common mistake made by tow truck drivers; they fail to check up on brake oil and the health of the breaks. Tow trucks move massive weights so that a faulty brake can lead to a serious accident. It is recommended to always check the brake oil and other parts before leaving the garage.

Check Tire Pressure

Just like checking for brakes, checking for tire pressure should also be considered a ritual before leaving. Low tire pressure can cause an accident or fail to move the towed car due to its weight. Tow truck tires can also puncture or burst, causing more agony. These trucks are only called during emergencies to avoid any further problems. One should check for the tires and tire pressure, as it will ensure the tow truck’s safety and the damaged car.

Right Ball mount

So most of the time, when a car is towed, it’s done through ball mounts. Ball mounts are the devices that help to tow an automobile with the truck. So the right size is always important. Certain tow truck companies compromise on this equipment to give fast service. A ball mount meant for towing a truck will never tow a light vehicle, so consider the right type of ball mount whenever it’s required.


Tow trucks are machines that move huge weights, so wearing and tearing down the line is inevitable. Most tow truck companies fail to maintain their trucks since it is a machine it requires constant lubrication to reduce wear and tear. No company would want their tow truck to break down in the middle of the road. To avoid embarrassing situations, it’s better to keep those parts lubricated and repair or replace them when necessary.   

The truck towing business demands a lot of responsibility, and room for errors is nonexistent. This service is always in demand because of the frequent breaking down of the trucks on highways. So before getting these services, make sure all the above requirements have been met by the company.

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