More Surprising Facts About Erectile Dysfunction And Sildenafil

We’ve come up with another post containing more details about erectile dysfunction and Sildenafil. ED shouldn’t be ignored but should be handled with caution, the right information, and with treatment that has been tested and is proven safe.

With more on surprising facts about erectile dysfunction and Sildenafil from, have a better understanding of this condition.

1. Erections Are Not Equal To Orgasms

Erections occur mainly through the transporting of neurotransmitters from the nervous system to the different parts of the body. And more specifically, the genitalia, through blood circulation. They often take place because of stimulation but are not limited to this.

Having said that, orgasms can happen even without a stiff erection. This may be of a rarer occurrence. Nonetheless, it’s a fact that’s regarded as scientifically astute. It’s possible that instead of semen, the fluid excreted from the phallus is a prostatic gland fluid. This discharge is often referred to as “pre-cum”. And yes, it may already contain sperm.

Regarding orgasms, studies have shown a man can achieve orgasms even at this pre-ejaculatory stage. Yet it’s still plausible for an erection even after. However, orgasming again is relative. It will depend on blood flow if it’s still sustained after prostatic gland fluid is released and orgasm had already taken place. Less likely, but it happens to a few.

2. Mental Health Is Often The Cause Of ED In Younger Men

It’s a fact that the older men become, the more likely they will experience erectile dysfunction. Of course, those who are diagnosed with underlying health conditions have a higher propensity for incurring ED sooner, compared to those in tip-top shape, health-wise.

But for younger men, the symptoms are often tied to mental health.

The “stress hormone”, a.k.a. cortisol, has a wide scope when it comes to how it affects bodily functions. The dispersal of this “fight and flight” response to keep your body and mind working at their peak, or even above average, is normal. That is if the release of cortisol occurs only from time to time. Your natural response to occasions that bring about stress, as long as such responses are short-term and are infrequent, are actually quite healthy.

In contrast, if cortisol levels remain elevated for long periods of time, or if cortisol release is too frequent (constant stress at work, overexercising, etc.), your central nervous system will overwork itself to compensate.

When this transpires, it will interfere with a number of systemic operations— it raises blood pressure, destabilizes digestion, causes muscles to tense and be inflamed, decreases libido, etc. And ultimately, it brings about erectile dysfunction.

If this condition persists, it can interfere with your ability to have children. Often, couples struggling to conceive turn to IVF, home insemination, or IUI (intrauterine insemination) in order to have the family they’ve always dreamed of.

3. Some Medications Lead To ED

Medications that are basically referred to as “beta-blockers” are meant to lower blood pressure, stabilise heart rhythms that are abnormal, and shield the cardiovascular system from another “attack” (often, a second heart attack). These beta-adrenergic blocking agents “block” epinephrine— more commonly known as adrenaline.

They may play a role in erectile dysfunction because this means that any stimulation and blood circulation in relation to erection will be less likely.

Along with these, diuretics used for lowering blood pressure (amongst other drugs that do the same) have the effect of making you urinate often. With fewer fluids in your circulation, the lower your blood pressure will become, and the more relaxed your muscles will be. All of these hamper an erection and thus, permit erectile dysfunction, too.

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