Luxury cottages to rent in Canada for winter fun

In the world of luxury cottages for rent, Canada proposes the kind of opportunities fairytale-like landscapes are just what it takes for those in love with snowy adventure and cozy retreats. Winter transforms the Canadian landscape into the picturesque scene from the pages of a storybook ‒ a great time of the year to rent a luxury cottage and explore a variety of winter activities in Canada. Look no further for a perfect winter vacation: abounds with splendid options.

Enjoy the thrill of winter sports

Winter is synonymous with great outdoor activities in Canada. Rent yourself a luxury cottage and be part of this greatness with clean, awaiting snow and stunning landscapes. Whether skiing on a demanding slope or for the very first time, there is something in store for everyone.

Certainly, the two greatest winter sports in Canada are skiing and snowboarding. Places like Whistler, British Columbia, and Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, go down in the description of runs worldwide that suit beginner skiers, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, or Professional ability levels. Just imagine having a cup of hot cocoa in your luxurious cottage and then proceeding to the hot spots for an adrenaline-packed adventure.

Skiing and snowboarding

Leading experiences include Whistler, BC, and Mont-Tremblant, QC, both with massive trails and amazing mountain views.

Cross-country skiing

Feel a more serene sensation as you glide through the forests and meadows, such as in Algonquin Park, ON.


Best experienced while exploring off-the-beaten paths and taking in winter landscapes. Available in Jasper, AB, and beyond.

Ice skating

Outdoor rinks like those in an area like Ottawa, ON, or those on a frozen lake out in the countryside are part of the Canadian experience.

After an exhilarating day of winter sport, your luxury cottage will provide just the right dose of relaxation and comfort. Many have cozy fires and hot tubs with stunning views to ensure your evenings are as good as your days in the snow.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of winter activities

Not all winter experiences are high energy. The Canadian winter wonderland offers lots of quiet and still calmer experiences where one can really be with nature and the peace of the season. Ice fishing has become a time-honored winter pastime because it joins relaxation with the thrill of the catch. Can you imagine yourself in a heated hut in the middle of a frozen lake, bait on your hook, just waiting for a bite, surrounded by quiet beauty?

It is also within the Canadian wilderness that great experiences of natural beauty take place during the winter. The trails seem to take on a magic of their own, a view that snow has weighted to break the branches of the trees and turn the land into a glistening white expanse. These are activities meant for the leisurely person who loves to take in the views:

    • Ice fishing. Popular in regions like Northern Ontario and Manitoba, offering a peaceful and rewarding experience.

    • Winter hikes. Trails at Banff National Park, AB, and Gros Morne National Park, NL, seem like another winter wonderland trail, perfect for emerging into.

    • Wildlife watching. Winter is a time to get a viewing opportunity that comes once in your lifetime in places like Jasper, AB, for elk and Algonquin Park, ON, for moose.

These quiet pursuits provide another brand of adventure, one that is more introverted and very much related to the natural world. Find your perfect winter retreat and start dreaming of your perfect winter vacation today. Experience the magic of winter in Canada and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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