Living a Nomadic Life | How Do Digital Nomads Make Money?

The digital nomads make money in several ways. In the world today, travelling while earning a living online is a dream that has come true. It is possible to earn online by living and travelling in exotic areas or moving to very remote work. You can even start a business with all the freedom to move around the world. The only requirement is a good and accessible internet connection. Here are various ways through which digital nomads can make money and enhance money investment.

1. Blogging

There are so many ways out there in which blogging can make money. Blogging has over dozen revenue sources. Blogging includes sponsored posts, digital products, affiliate marketing, among others. You can extend your business into tours or consulting. Although it takes much time to get the blog to the point where it starts to produce a full-time income, one cannot regret doing it. It is therefore advisable to take time to learn about the business of blogging before starting it. It requires an individual to save money before starting or subsidize other different income sources. Anyone can start a blog because no qualification is required.

2. Selling a digital or physical product

It is pretty simple to set up a shop and link it with a webshop on your blog. It is possible to use various platforms such as Amazon or Shopify. It is dependent on the type of physical product you are willing to sell. Before setting up an online shop, make a good business plan which includes steps such as production process, marketing and sales. The product sold online contains cultural tourism that focuses on art and travel. Digital nomads may create a product and sell colouring postcards inspired by different places they visit. one can offer an educational souvenir by helping people learn the history of places they visit, culture and local art.

3. Digital marketing consultancy and services support

Many people quit their job after working in corporate marketing and begin freelance marketing consulting work. This highly appreciated industry involves quite a wide range of services across content creation, social media management, and digital marketing. This field does not require having a degree or any experience. In terms of earning, productivity is high if a digital nomad can get a good client who pays well.

4. Freelance writing work

Freelance jobs involve publication, forex trading, web content, copywriting and ghostwriting. The best thing with freelance editing has a small membership fee, but when one gets a particular job, it pays dearly.

5. SEO services

It is tough to find someone who can do SEO using another language. It was, therefore, easy for Nomad vegan to get a job. Having a website of his own, it was possible to show the results and share, which made him get a bonus. Nomad now has six websites that do the translation. It takes approximately 3000 to 6000 every month.


The digital nomad can get as many income streams as possible, including cheap forex VPS hosting, that allow them to earn money from any place in the world. Although digital nomadism is not the best way to get rich quickly, after much hard work, you can eventually see results. You can make approximately $ 600 each month and an additional affiliate avenue that is even more variable.

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