It is Always Worth Adding Saving Money to the Old Bucket List

Over the past ten years of our nearly nonstop travel we have managed to visit a ton of the destinations on our so-called bucket list.

Most of these were typical classics that almost everyone has on their list, places like The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, The Grand Canyon, Rome, and Athens.

Many more that we had never thought of became bucket list items as soon as we saw them, such as Prague, The Galapagos Islands, Glacier Bay, and the Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan. And there are also some that we still have yet to see, such as Antarctica, Egypt, or the Taj Mahal.

It is actually hard to imagine kicking the bucket without seeing these amazing wonders or visiting Antarctica, which would mean that we had made it to all seven of the world’s continents.

But one thing remains the same no matter where our adventures take us; we are always on the lookout for cheap hotels as a way to save some money when we go gallivanting across the globe.

Wait a minute. Sometimes that phrase can cause the wrong reaction.

We don’t mean cheap as in some dumpy flea-bag or scary flop house. Nobody wants to stay in a place with funky towels or a squishy mattress.

We mean a good deal on a great place to stay. Because the right hotel can make or break a trip and a particularly great one can be a huge addition to a destination.

Sure sometimes a hotel is just a place to sleep for the night, and we always want to spend as little as possible for that while still having the amenities we like. But for a longer stay, we certainly try to find accommodations that have an interesting story to tell.

So when we look to book hotels in London,  such as an inn with an historic past or a modern state of the art high rise, we love lodging that enhances our travels.

We have also found that not only the building, but the attitude of the staff and management of a hotel can have a huge positive impact on our explorations of a place we have never been before. Come to think of it, they can really help in cities we have visited numerous times by recommending things we never knew about.

That kind of inside information is priceless, giving “cheap” even more value in any price range.  Having all of this material available at a moment’s notice is truly incredible.

We often speculate on just how much more difficult finding places to stay would have been in the days before the World Wide Web.  It is hard to believe that we could have possibly researched and booked rooms all around the world using only phone books, magazines, faxes, and snail mail.

Nowadays we can hardly envision gallivanting around the globe the way we do without all of the knowledge, foresight, recommendations, and values we find with one click online. Lucky for us we have all of that information at right at our fingertips.

No time better than the present to put it to good use and start planning our next adventure.

David and Veronica,

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