Israel Figa Explains How You Can Protect Yourself and Others from Common Colds

We are fortunate to have been created on the planet that offers us all kinds of weathers to benefit from. People from around the world get to enjoy the seasons of summer, winter, autumn, and spring. No matter the weather, each one of them has its own vegetables, fruits, sceneries, and of course, the good and bads.

It is a fact that each season comes with its own diseases, and the season that brings more diseases than any other is none other than winter. As soon as the winter season arrives, the number of patients increases significantly and most of the time, the patients arrive with diseases such as Common Cold, Flu, Strep Throat, Norovirus, and RSV.

Out of all the diseases, ‘Common Cold’ is considered to be the disease that people get diagnosed with abundance. No matter how many precautions are advertised through television channels and social media platforms, the number of common cold cases do not seem to be coming down.

Israel Figa’s Concerns about Common Cold

Being one of the most prominent pediatricians, Doctor Israel Figa has expressed his concern about the sudden rise in the common cold patients. He added that the main reason behind such an increase in the cases is because that the winter season is approaching, which would target an enormous number of people who are either careless about their health or consider themselves immune to such illnesses.

Israel Figa also commented that there are many people who are not only risking their lives but the lives of their children by not taking the necessary precautions. As per Israel Figa, not taking the necessary precautions to contain common cold may weaken the immunity system of people, only to be transferred genetically to their off-springs.

Israel Figa also mentioned that there are many people who are not even aware of the causes and symptoms of ‘Common Cold’. People tend to take the common cold lightly not knowing that if not cared for, it has the tendency to become fatal. The data collected against the common cold cases from around the world suggests that more than 56,000 people end up losing their lives because of the common cold.

To make sure that his followers and the people around them are knowledgeable around the common cold topic, Israel Figa has taken it upon himself to provide enough information around the common cold disease that people are well equipped to deal with this common disease all by themselves.

What Causes Common Cold?

Although common cold can occur at any time or season of the year, the number of cases tend to experience a significant increase in the winter season. The main cause behind common cold is cold viruses, rhinovirus, and respiratory virus that spread across the air in the form of tiny droplets when a sick person sneezes, blows their nose, or coughs out in the open.

Rhinovirus that is one of the causes of the common cold is also responsible for triggering asthma attacks, ear infections, and in some cases, sinuses.

How Would Someone Know If He/She Has a Common Cold?

Israel Figa has stated that although a common cold can occur in any season, the season that shows the most common cold cases is winters. Whether you are a student or a working person, if you have to travel from one place to another in the winter season, you are bound to catch a common cold.

As per Israel Figa, the symptoms for common cold cases may include body aches, sneezing, headaches, coughing, sore throat, and most common of all, a runny nose.

If a person diagnosed with a common cold takes all the protective measures and medicine as per prescription, then there are chances of recovering within seven to ten days.

How to Keep Yourself Safe and Protected

Israel Figa makes a very good point of stating that no matter how physically strong or healthy a person maybe if they are not cautious against the common cold viruses, they will end up getting infected.

The viruses that can cause the common cold have the tendency of being transferred from one infected person to another. This can happen when a healthy person is in the presence of the affected and there are droplets in the air, which get picked by the healthy person. Another common reason is close physical contact between the patient and the other person.

Israel Figa suggests that when you know that you somehow got in close contact with an infected person, it is always better to take the necessary actions so one does not regret it afterward.

In order to make sure that you are fully aware of the precautionary measures, Israel Figa has listed the following measures that one can take to stay safe and protected from the common cold:

Try to Stay Away From the Infected People

This is something that may sound selfish or rude for some people, especially for people who are infected with the common cold. However, this precaution is completely understandable as the common cold virus is contagious and after knowing its causes and how it spreads, if someone still does not follow the instructions, then he/she is showing irresponsibility towards their family members and people around them.

Do Not Touch Your Mouth, Nose, and Eyes without Washing Your Hands

Even if you are not completely sure that you go in contact with someone having a cold, it is always recommended to take the necessary measurements to reduce the chances of you getting infected. Make sure to always wash your hands with water and soap or sanitize them before touching your hand, nose, or mouth.

Make it a Habit of Washing Your Hands with a Soap

Israel Figa states that even if you are sure that you go into contact with something that may have the respiratory or common cold viruses, you can still stay safe by washing your hands thoroughly. Remember, that you need to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

If you find yourself out of soap at any given time, you can make with a hand sanitizer with the right amount of alcohol in it.

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