Mykonos is well known to the world as a luxurious summer destination and a wild parties Mecca. But while searching for your Mykonos Villa, there are also some other remarkable things you may want to know before visiting the island. Here are some interesting facts about Mykonos, for those who wish to know better the places they visit.

Geographically Mykonos is small

Mykonos belongs to Cyclades island complex, located in the Aegean Sea, at the eastern part of Greece. Although Mykonos is famous, it is in fact a small island of 85.5 square kilometers or 33 square miles. The number of its permanent inhabitants is around 12,000 and most of them live in Anw Mera, the capital of Mykonos.

Although it is a small island, it has more than 30 beaches. At the southern coast you will find the most spacious, sandy and organized beaches, which are protected from the winds by rocky hills around them. The northern shoreline is more rocky and wild.

Mykonos has no rivers or mountains. Its highest point is Profitis Elias Vorniotis, at a hight of 371 m. There are two artificial lakes near Panormos, which cover Mykonos needs in water.

Mykonos has more history than you can imagine

According to the archeological findings in Mykonos, its first inhabitants were the tribe of Kares at around 3.000 B.C. Around 11th century B.C., Ionians from Athens settled on Mykonos, throwing out the previous inhabitants.

Mykonos became a part of the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire afterwards, until the 12th century. Then Mykonos was occupied by Venetians and Ottomans, until 1821 when the Greek revolution took place. Mykonos played a significant role in the revolution against the Turks and great heroes, like Manto Mavrogenous, were born and fighting here.

Mykonos became officially Greek the first day the Greek State was formed, in 1830. Slowly, the island flourished again as a trading and sailing center. The first archeological findings in Delos at 1873 drew some international attention and tourists but World War 1 and 2 came to stop the development of the island.

During the 50’s, Mykonos natural, virgin beauties started attracting the rich and famous from all over the world, making it a favorite destination for thousands of tourists each year. You can learn and see more about Mykonos history by visiting the many museums on the island and the archeological site on Delos.

There are more churches in Mykonos than there are days in the year

There are literally more than 600 monasteries, churches and small chapels on the island – as the locals say “one church for each day of the year”. Just in Chora you can find more than 60 churches.

The reason for the high number of churches on the island is mainly the local tradition that a family should build a shrine to keep the bones of their dead.

Some of the most visited churches in Chora are Panagia Paraportiani, Agia Kyriaki, The Catholic church of Panagia of the Rosario and Agios Nikolaos at the Old Port.

Mykonos is home to some of the most beautiful diving sites

Mykonos sea waters are clean and in the bottom of the sea you can find a lot of plants, fish and sea animals. Its most beautiful diving areas are 3:

Barracuda Reef at Kalafakiona. The depth is around 20 meters, making it accessible for less experienced divers. You can see some Barracudas here among other species. There are also a lot of archeological findings, especially pottery, in bigger or smaller pieces.

Caverns at Tragonisi. A beautiful complex of underwater caves, home of the unique Yellow Sea Anemone. There is also a special dive at “Seal Cave” where you have the opportunity to meet a Monachus Monachus Seal.

The Wreck of “Anna II” near Lia beach. The cargo ship sunk in 1995 and was 60 meters long.

Many popular movies have been filmed in Mykonos

The picturesque landscape, the unique sunset, the famous Little Venice and the Windmills, sometimes even Luxury Villas in Mykonos, make the island a perfect background for filming. In fact some popular movies and TV series have been partially or totally filmed at Mykonos.

The most famous movie was “Shirley Valentine”, by Paramount Pictures in 1989, which was filmed at the beautiful beach of Agios Ioannis. Other movies that were filmed in Mykonos are “Kamaki” in 2005, “The Greek Tycoon” in 1978, “The Bourne Identity” in 2002 and “The Kings of Mykonos” in 2010.

Unique accomodation in Luxurious Hotels and Villas

Mykonos conjures up images of white Cycladic buildings, sandy beaches, glamorous nightlife and a style-conscious attitude.  The island still remains the top destination for luxury-seeking travelers who crave a vibrant nightlife, cosmopolitan feel, and innovative cuisine. From Mykonos villa to rent,  to Mykonos 5* luxury hotels,  there is a remarkable variety to choose that can fulfill the crictest needs and criteria.

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