Inspiring Ways to Travel Through European Countries on a Student’s Budget

There is, probably, no better time to travel all around the world than when you are young. Of course, people might say that when you are young, you have to work and study in order to secure a spot under the sun for yourself and your future family. But as soon as the peer pressure is being forgotten, one surely understands that the best way to travel Europe is to do it when your body is still full of energy. If you are a student, it does not mean that you have to spend all your time studying and even if somebody says so, you should respond to them that traveling is the best way of educating yourself. This article is written for the people and especially students who want to know the inspiring ways to travel Europe on a budget.

Choose Alternative Destinations

Unfortunately, when it comes to traveling Europe, most people think that it means visiting France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. The problem is that Europe is full of other splendid and wonderful countries that are equally incredible and, what is more, way cheaper. Here comes a list of countries that you might consider visiting in order to remain solvent and return with a lot of positive emotions.


The biggest country in Europe is an indisputable leader of our rating. The country dates back to the 9th century and is considered a historic descendant of the Kievan Rus’. With its extremely diverse and rich culture, Ukraine shall mesmerize you and will definitely steal your heart. If you want to swim in the Black Sea, go to Odesa. Would you like to enjoy the rhythm of a modern megapolis? The city of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, is waiting for you! But most of all, make sure that you visit the city of Lviv. This is the pearl of European architecture, culture, food, and entertainment.


Sure, if you want to catch a wave or lay in the scorching sun, you can go to France or Spain. Still, why not opt for Bulgaria? It is a post-Soviet country that has managed to reach impressive progress in its hospitality industry and now enjoys it being an integral part of the country’s economy. Bulgarian resorts need no check for plagiarism as they an original product of the country’s splendid nature and wise government.

The Baltic States

Visiting Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia is a must for every European traveler. Of course, these countries are not as cheap as the previous ones, but they have an extremely developed culture of couch-surfing. Therefore, you will need to spend almost no money on accommodation. So, round up with your papers, check plagiarism, and go experience the marvelous culture of the Baltic.

Say Hello to Count Dracula

If you are looking for something really scary, but at the same time fascinating and cheap, go to Romania and visit the castle of the notorious Count Dracula. Still, make sure that you conduct a plagiarism check when you see one because he might be an impostor.

Use the Neoteric Service

Now, when you know where to go, there is a need for talking about how to do it. You, probably, know that the European transportation market is nowadays filled with copious low-costing airlines, which can transport you from point A to point B almost free of charge. Also, you should use the advantages of couch-surfing services. There are also not expensive hostels which are not worse than hotels.


They say that traveling broadens the mind. Go on, broaden your mind while you are still young. There is only one rule for you to follow: do not be afraid to experience something new. Enjoy the unforgettable Ukrainian culture and food, bath in the waves of the Black Sea in Bulgaria, experience accountability in the Baltic states, or go on a date with a vampire in Transilvania. The world is yours while you’re still young.

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