How to Use Your First Macbook for Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is a great way to showcase the wonderful experience of seeing the world. Before you head off on an adventure, you need to understand the most important tool you have, your MacBook.

Your first MacBook is a great place to start a dive into the wonderful conveniences of Apple products. For quick and easy blogging, it is one of the most vital tools you can use.

Today we’ll go over the basics of using your MacBook, as well as how to get your feet wet into the world of travel blogging. Let’s get started!

The First Steps with Your First Macbook

Whether you’ve worked with other types of computers before or are new to most recent computer trends, a MacBook will take some getting used to.

Apple makes quality products with an express design purpose in shortcutting a lot of complex ideas into a reasonable form. This means that once you get a hang of your first MacBook, a lot of this will become second hand!

There are 6 big pieces you need to learn when dealing with your MacBook. With these pieces of advice, your life will be so much easier.

1. Getting Down the TouchPad

Your MacBook has a big TouchPad. That is the large square right below the keyboard. This does a lot more than move around your cursor and click items!

First, getting used to moving the cursor may feel a bit weird. As well, clicking without a specific button sometimes feels off.

With the easy stuff out of the way, you can now delve into more complex TouchPad gestures! There are tutorials and settings for all the major TouchPad gestures under the Apple Menu, in the System Preferences/TouchPad section.

2. Understanding Siri

Siri has been around for a while and in that time she gave us a brand new way to interact with our technology. While others have come forward to do the same job, Siri is the original.

You can open Siri from her icon built into the top right corner of your screen. From there she can respond to basic commands that can help you navigate and operate your MacBook.

Stick with simple voice commands and reference keywords you want to do, like “Show my Downloads Folder” or “What is the Weather tomorrow”.

3. Coming to Grips with the Key Changes

As with any computer, the keyboard is the main way to use the computer. You can type in whatever you need, but for those a bit more well-versed, you can use keyboard shortcuts to get where you need to go.

There are a number of different names on your keyboard. Instead of Backspace, it is Delete. Instead of Alt, it is Option. The Command key is a brand new addition that does many different items.

For the shortcuts, there are a whole host of options. You may not need them all, but knowing them gives you options moving forward.

4. Screenshots and Sharing

The biggest draw of most technologies these days is the ability to share and stay connected. A MacBook is no different, with a host of sharing abilities.

One simple and easy mechanics are screenshots. Screenshots use the Print Screen function to capture the exact moment on screen, allowing you to share what you see now that the screen is in picture format.

Other programs to allow you to chat and share with friends and family, such as Facetime, often have their own tutorials on how to use them. Don’t skip over these!

5. The Power of the Thunderbolt

The Apple Thunderbolt is an extra device that allows you to connect almost any other device to your MacBook. This is great for connecting to extra hard drives or to physical lines to the internet.

The Thunderbolt is easy to use. On the left side of your MacBook is a specific plug-in spot for your Thunderbolt.

From there, you can plug in whatever device needs it right into your Thunderbolt, and the connection will happen.

6. Spotlight Searching

Spotlight gives you great and easy access to the wide world of the internet and your MacBook. It is a search engine built right into your MacBook.

Located at the top right of your screen, all you need to do is click on the icon and type into the space it provides. If you have a solid internet connection, it will search across the web for an answer.

It is also the best way to find a specific file and fast. Type in the file name, or something close, and you’re there.

The Powers of Travel Blogging

Now that you have a better understanding of your first MacBook, you need a better understanding of the ins and outs of travel blogging in general.

The basics of travel blogging, that is going to a place and writing about the special, local ideas from food to culture sounds easy, but there are always a few details that you can miss.

1. Having Easy Places to Blog

Despite its many conveniences, your MacBook still needs a flat surface to best to operate from. It is easier to write at a table than in your lap or even worse while walking.

You don’t need to secure a fancy resort for this, so if wherever you are staying at doesn’t have a table to use, you will be fine.

Finding a nice, local cafe with good table space can work. This can also force you to get out and try multiple different cafes and restaurants. WiFi is commonplace in well-developed areas, so you shouldn’t be lacking.

2. Plan Out the Sights

It is always good to prepare yourself for what you are going to do. Playing out a vacation as you go is a good way to spend most of the day missing things, being late, and going crazy over figuring out where everything is.

Plan out your sights and trips. This also includes planning out time to write and blog.

Whether you want to blog in real-time with multiple breaks or take notes and blog all at once afterward is up to you, but plan it out before you are there and on vacation.

3. Spontaneous Blogging

Sometimes, though, you need to catch an idea down right then. Having a note taker, either with recording or typing, on your phone can be a great idea.

As well, make sure you have a good camera to get the pictures you need while there. It may be impossible to return for the perfect shot, so don’t wait till you are blogging to get them.

Exploring Your Mac, Exploring The World

With a bit of exploring and practice, your first MacBook will be your primary tool for both your expressive blogging and keeping in touch with the world. Combined, these two aspects are the key to solid travel blogging.

For more tips and tricks for traversing the world, we here at Gypsy Nester have all sorts of helpful guides and updates to keep you in the loops. Check out our other articles now!

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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