How to Travel Safely with an Infant

If you are a new parent, then you must admit that things have not been the same since you got your little bundle of joy. It is not just the things around your home that change, but also the way you travel.

Going on your first adventure with your newborn baby can be a little overwhelming, mostly because you will be worried about their safety.

Travelling with a baby should not scare you. You need to do some extra planning on how to keep your baby safe throughout the trip.

Below are some tips on how to keep your young one safe during your travel:

Have a baby car seat

You will inevitably use a vehicle at some point, regardless of whether you are flying overseas for your vacation or driving locally.

Baby capsules or car seats are legally required for the safety of your child. Children under the age of six months should use rear-facing baby car seats. Also, be sure to install the car seat correctly.

If you are flying, you can carry your baby in their seat right up until you board at the gate. The airline staff will take the seat from you as you board and it will, hopefully, be there to meet you when you collect your luggage at your destination.

Keep your baby entertained

You baby will likely get bored during your travel, regardless of whether you will be travelling via bus, train or aeroplane. While travelling, the last thing you need is for your baby to get upset due to boredom.

To prevent that, make sure you organise to have something to keep them busy during the trip.

For toddlers, you can carry some of their favourite toys. Books can also help if your child is grown enough to read.

Ensure to bring babies comforters, a favourite blanket or soft toy. A little comfort from home goes a long way in keeping babies settled.

Make a checklist

Ensure you bring all your baby essentials. A checklist will ensure that you do not forget to pack anything.

Your checklist should include items such as nappies, baby clothes, nursing pads, formula and bottles, among other things.

Ensure that you go through your checklist a couple of times before the actual travelling day. This will give you enough time to figure out anything that you have forgotten to pack.

Consult your pediatrician

You might need to talk with your pediatrician about your trip, especially if you will be travelling overseas.

Your doctor will check to ensure that your baby is up-to-date with all the required vaccines and that they will not miss any essential medical appointment while on the trip.

The doctor will also advise you if any additional vaccine or preventive medication might be required to keep your baby healthy.

This is crucial, especially if you will be travelling to a malaria-prone country.

Plan to have baby food

Children are delicate and therefore feeding them strange food could easily affect them.

Some countries are known for foodborne diseases and bacteria. Organise to carry your baby food from your country. This way, you are assured your child will have the nutrition they need for the duration of your trip.

Have a baby stroller

You will need a baby stroller during your trip. However, you have to ensure that you get the right baby stroller for the easy and safe movement of your baby. Get a baby stroller with additional features to ensure your baby’s comfort.

For instance, a baby stroller with a light umbrella will protect your young one from the harmful rays of the sun. Ensure the stroller is sturdy enough to cope with all kinds of terrain during your trip while also providing comfort for your little one.

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