How to Study in Canada without IELTS

For a lot of international students, Canada is a top choice. The country is known for its multiculturalism and diversity, thus making it appealing to foreigners who want to further their education. Additionally, there are lots of universities with impressive programs. Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world however certain things have to be considered before one studies there.

One consideration is language. In Canada, there are several places where French is the predominant language and other areas where it’s English. Consequently, depending on the language dominating the area of the country and the university you wish to school in, proof of language proficiency may be required. For English, IELTS scores are often asked for as a proof.

For most students, the IELTS tests/exams are both time and money-consuming. Hence, here are some options for those who want to study in Canada without IELTS.


Show Proof of  Having an English Education

If your undergraduate courses were done in English, then you can do a degree in Canada without IELTS. Undertaking a full degree in English shows you are able to study in said language. Several Canadian universities accept this proof but there’s a catch. Most institutions demand that your previous education was undertaken for not less than four years. Transcripts from your former university may be enough to validate your proficiency in English. You might also be able to use transcripts from your previous high school as proof.

Be a Native Speaker Of English Language

You will have to show proof of being born in an English speaking nation by presenting your birth certificate. This is one of the most certain ways to do a degree in Canada without needing IELTS. The university is likely to believe your English language proficiency if you are a native of an English speaking country.

Present an English Proficiency Letter

To avoid writing the IELTS tests, request for an English proficiency official letter from the university or institution you previously studied at. Several Canadian universities accept such formal letters.

Submit Scores From Other English Evaluation Tests

Tests such as the CAEL and TOEFL are likely to be accepted by numerous universities in Canada. These tests show evidence of your English language proficiency is adequate enough for their offered degrees. Find out which of these tests fits your capacity and try it out as a substitute for IELTS.

Study Your Degree in French

Some Canadian universities teach their complete curriculum in French so if you are a fluent French speaker or come from a French-speaking country, this option might work for you.

Take an English Course Before Doing Other Courses

Many Canadian universities provide English courses, which might be open to you. Through this, you can move to Canada with a student visa and learn/practice the language. This is a certain and quick way to become proficient in English before furthering your education.

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