How to Stay Safe While Traveling as a Senior: Tips and Precautions

Nobody is ever too old to travel and see unique new places around the world. In fact, 25% of seniors still partake in international travel, going to show that the travel bug never really goes away. As people begin to age, though, there are certain extra precautions they need to take in order to stay safe. However, while you may not be as young as you used to be, these precautions don’t need to limit your traveling. 

Is Traveling as a Senior Dangerous?

While being older doesn’t necessarily make travel itself more dangerous, there are certain factors that increase in important as you age which can make the potential danger of a trip increase as well. Some of these factors include:

    • Older individuals are generally easier targets for fraud or crime
    • Airborne illnesses may pose a greater health risk
    • Long flights or travel may create or aggravate an existing health risk
    • Access to necessary medications can be limited in some travel destinations

Fortunately, all of the above potential risks can be mitigated by taking care of a few small precautions prior to traveling. 

Best Travel Destinations for Senior Travelers

One of the best ways to stay safe as a senior while traveling is to visit destinations that are ideal for that type of traveler. Below are three common travel destinations and types that senior travelers tend to partake in:

U.S. National Parks

National parks are a great way to see the outdoors and have a vacation where multiple people can do what they want. If you are going to a national park with others, some people can go on strenuous hikes whereas others can remain behind and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of the camp. 

The Coastline

Lounging on the coastline, whether the East Coast or West Coast, is a great idea for senior travelers. With little intensive activity and plenty of sunlight, taking a trip to one of the coasts can be a break from the day-to-day life that a senior traveler need. For those with an adventuring side, visitors to both coasts can go slightly inland to stay at Disney vacation home rentals for budget-conscious travelers and enjoy the rides the theme parks have to offer. 

Taking a Cruise

Finally, cruise ships are a common option for senior travelers as they allow people to see multiple locations around the world without being forced to sit in a plan for hours on end. Be aware, though, that cruise ships can be breeding grounds during flu season so avoid this type of trip during those times of the year.

Tips for Keeping Safe While Traveling

With a travel destination officially in mind, use the following tips to stay safe during your travels:

1. Don’t publicize your trip online

Advertising that you will be taking an extended trip on social media can potentially make your home a target for break ins if you live alone. Avoid posting photos of a trip until you are back home so that people don’t get any ideas. 

2. Avoid any type of travel that can aggravate health conditions

Sitting on a plane, train, or other mode of transportation for a long period of time is a quick way to aggravate health conditions. Avoid these types of travel if you know it will cause a health issue. 

3. Have a plan in place for medication

If you are on any medications for health issues, be aware of what those medications are and how low you are on them. Speak with your doctor about getting an early refill if you are getting low and would run out while on your travels, as the location you go to may not have the medicine you need. 

4. Make copies of your important documents

Whenever you leave home, regardless of your age, it’s beneficial to have copies of all-important identifying and travel documentation. Print up some copies before leaving the house for your trip. 

5. Research public health guidelines before you travel

Health change rapidly in certain areas around the world which is why senior travelers need to look up what health conditions look like in the area they are going to be traveling to. If there is a health risk that just emerged prior to your vacation, cancelling may be in your best interest. 

Plan a safe and exciting senior trip today

No matter how old you currently are, anybody can plan a fun and engaging trip in the near future. Whether you travel to one of the above destinations or somewhere new entirely, keep the mentioned safety tips in mind and always keep your family in the loop of what you’re doing and where you’re going. With all these precautions in place, you’re sure to have both a fun and safe vacation. 

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