How to Protect Your Travel Bucket List Investment

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The GypsyNesters heading out on their next fabulous adventure!

As our nests have emptied, a lot of us are seeing a world of new opportunities.

We are looking at this new-found freedom as a gift of time, the time to pursue old interests or discover new ones.

Along with our invigorated independence, we might also have some increased financial freedom as the costs of raising kids drift into the past.

In our case, we may have taken things to the extreme by selling everything, buying a beat up old motorhome on eBay, and setting out on an open-ended vagabond adventure.  We certainly understand that such drastic measures are not for everyone — there’s not room for that much crazy in the world — but that longing for wanderlust is certainly not unusual.

Most of us baby boomers have the desire to see the world, explore new destinations, and discover what is over the horizon. Often we even have a list, and now that we have the time and resources, it is time to begin checking items off of it.

The GypsyNesters at Macchu Picchu

Usually the planning and funding for checking off an item entails a significant commitment of both the increased time and money that we just mentioned.

The time component can be fun and exciting as we while away hours imagining ourselves walking on the Great Wall of China, contemplating the ruins of Machu Picchu, frolicking among the animals of The Galapagos, or gliding along the canals of Venice, but the monetary investment can be a bit more daunting.

Let’s face it, these endeavors don’t come cheap. In fact, they are costing more and more every day. Just last month the Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index found that this year Americans will spend 11% more on vacations than they did last year.

That’s not the kind of money that anybody wants to put at risk, so when the time comes to book that bucket list vacation it pays to look into insuring our investments. As a part of Allianz Global Assistance USA, that is where can help.

Allianz is one of the world’s largest financial service companies and a worldwide provider of travel insurance and assistance.  Should a problem arise, one of their more than 10,000 employees at any of their offices in thirty-four countries across the globe will always be ready to assist.

Through their underwriters, BCS Insurance Company and Jefferson Insurance Company, Allianz Global Assistance insures twenty-one million travelers every year. With experience like that there are no surprises. Whatever obstacles or unforeseen emergencies may emerge, they have been there, done that, and taken care of it many times before.

There is no putting a price on that kind of peace of mind, it is simply invaluable. Because once the fun of planning for that once in a lifetime excursion transforms into the excitement of preparing for the journey, there can be a bit of stress that rears its head.

The GypsyNesters in Newfoundland

What if I get sick? What if a hurricane hits? What if my flight gets cancelled?

What if I have to rush home in the middle of my trip because of an emergency? What if I get abducted by space aliens?

With travel insurance all of those “what ifs?” can be put to rest.

With a sense of security like that, all that is left to do is to start making memories — and maybe think about that next item to be checked off of the old bucket list.

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16 thoughts on “How to Protect Your Travel Bucket List Investment”

  1. I almost always travel with insurance and have had to collect twice, both without any problems from the company. I think it’s an essential part of travel and should be figured into everyone’s budget. I did use another company, but it’s good to know about Allianz.

  2. I always travel with insurance and have used it twice to cancel entire trips. Once due to a broken ankle and another time due to my mother’s health. It has saved me thousands of dollars. I’d never plan a trip without having cancellation insurance and medical evacuation coverage. Be sure to read all the fine print. I’ve never used Allianz but will check it out!

  3. I have an annual travel insurance policy which works well if you lose any of your possessions. Fortunately I haven’t had to test it for any medical expenses.

  4. Thanks for all this wonderful information on travel insurance. I have to sheepishly admit that we too fall into the we don’t buy travel insurance group. You show that we really need to reconsider this practice.

  5. We always buy travel medical insurance, but we’ve never bought insurance to cover other things such as natural disasters. Maybe we need to look into that.

  6. Now that I know abduction by space aliens is covered I’m in! Seriously though I never travel without insurance and take the (not very exciting) time to be sure of what it covers. I love to snorkel and you often have to buy an addition to your policy to cover it (usually less than $10) and I buy coverage for natural disasters and political instability. Don’t just buy insurance know for sure what’s covered and what isn’t, End of sermon.

  7. Travel Insurance for us is always an imperative part of planning a trip. Great that you’re highlighting the need to be sensible, even if we weren’t perhaps so sensible as a generation when younger 🙂

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