How to Prep a Canadian House for Tourist Rental

Renting out your home for the holidays in Canada can be a highly lucrative side business. However, the success of your business would depend on how well prepped the place is to receive guests. Here is a list of useful tips that would help you get your abode ready for Airbnb guests:

Decide Which Parts To Rent Out

Some homeowners are comfortable with offering the whole house for rent, while others are not. If you don’t have a second home to rent, then you would have to decide which parts should be available to guests.

Ideally, partition the house so both the guests and residents can enjoy privacy during the holidays. The guests will need a separate entrance, separate bathrooms, and possibly a kitchenette. Designing a separate guest bedroom should be easy if you have a basement. Hire a reliable Toronto basement contractor in the area to get the place 5-star ready for arrivals.

Spruce Up the Place to Meet Guest Expectations

Obviously, guests have expectations. As the holiday rental businesses have gotten competitive, landlords are offering various quirks to entice paying customers. But be careful when making additions to your home. It’s not worthwhile to spend a fortune on remodelling only to charge low rents later.

First, do some research. Check out what hotels and other rentals in your area are offering. You can read online customer reviews to find out what travellers expect. Make sure your basement renovation ideas match the rent you are charging.

It’s totally worthwhile to offer a quirk to attract new visitors. These don’t have to be expensive. Big windows that showcase the surrounding view, for example, might be enough for nature travellers.

Improve Safety

Don’t forget to double down on all safety features in the house. You may have to install extra fire extinguishers or railings for disabled visitors. If you are renting out to families with children, make sure the guest areas are completely childproof. Do ensure the complete safety of both guests and your property, go above and beyond what’s required by local laws.

Up the Cleanliness Standards

One of the most common complaints about holiday rentals is the lack of cleanliness. Keep in mind that your guests would expect the rental to be as spotless as a hotel. Therefore, remodel the place in a manner that makes it easy to clean. You may want to invest in industrial grade cleaning equipment as well.

Get Everything Insured

Holiday renting is not all about making money. For every successful rental story, there’s a horror story about guests who have destroyed the property. Therefore, make sure you are well covered under short-term rental insurance. Your liability may increase depending on the type of guests you are attracting. For example, spring breakers and backpackers may not leave your guest bedrooms intact. Anticipate problems in advance and make sure you are covered for damages.

It’s never too late to get into the booming holiday rental market. But before you do so, make sure your house is ready for it by following the above suggestions. Do your research in advance to avoid nasty surprises along the way.

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