How to Plan for Trekking

Sports are essential, but not everyone can be a sportsman, trekking and hiking are one of those healthy sports. Al and sundry can join these adventures without any sort of reluctance.

Like, recently my uncle was diagnosed with diabetes and doctors asked him to start playing some sports. He rushed to my place and asked me what he should join as a sport. Because he was a diabetic patient now, so I thought to suggest him playing some sort of easy games because a diabetic patient must avoid injuries.

At last, trekking was chosen and now, he is a very good trekker. Trekking is not as easy as it sounds because it involves a total personality change. You will notice that trekkers will tune their bodies according to the requirements of the game.

My uncle joined the gym for tuning his body, which is also very important, in the following section we will learn about its significance. He chose Mount Kilimanjaro for trekking and hiking.

Planning trekking is a bit different than the actual trekking, planning is only a theoretical work, but I would also discuss some practical aspects as well. So that people must fee-free when they are asked for planning a trekking or hiking spree.

These useful tips are as follows, some of them can vary because of your region and

1. Call on the Experts

If you are a beginner, then you must search for some experts near you. do not fear if they are stranger, approach them through social media or through some mutual friends and tell them about your idea of trekking.

Make a group with some people who are really interested in this amazing activity. You will have some old age people in the gang and some very young fresh college graduates, in my observation middle-aged men, are quite a few, who are interested in trekking or hiking.

2. Ask a Gym to Help you People

After you have discussed your trekking schedule and pace with your team, you must ask a gym trainer to help you guys in training.

The very first things which he must do is tuning your bodies and making them strong for long runs and exhausting climbing.

3. Get the Proper Diet

You will have to take such a diet which will increase your oxygen levels. This is important because while climbing mountains the oxygen levels will gradually decrease, which is not a good thing for those who are not used to such situations.

Those who are suffering from any sort of respiratory diseases they must stay very meticulous while the training session.

4. Practice Carrying Weight

Now, the next thing is the practice of carrying weight. We all know that not la of us are skilled in carrying a 10kg backpack at our backs every day.

So, you must try to pack up your bag with all the required goods in it and try to run while having that on your back. This will boost up your stamina.

5. Chose the Footwears

You cannot go for trekking without the right footwear with you. many people will think that they must buy shoes just before leaving, but that is not going to be the smartest thing.

You ought to buy the footwear before you start training, and throughout the training session you must wear the same shoes, this will make you comfortable.

6. Practice on the Terrain

If you know the place where you are going for trekking, then tries to find a similar terrain for practicing. Go for daily jogging or a run.

Al this training may seem boring but, gradually you will learn their importance. You will not get the same terrain but maybe you will find some sloppy areas.

7. Accessories

While you will be planning for trekking, you must make and design a healthy snack list, which you must carry with you.

These snacks will maintain your glucose level which would fluctuate while trekking. Apart from this, you must take some medicines which would keep you safe from any sort of hazards.

Lastly, keep a jacket and a raincoat with you weather conditions can vary, so you must prepare beforehand, so that your trekking experience must not convert into a disaster.

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