How to Monitor your Employees with Android Monitoring App

Are you looking for the ways to remotely supervise your employees? This article discusses the use of android phone monitoring app to secretly and remotely supervise activities of workforces. The technologists have designed employee spy app to enable employers to track activities of employees within and outside the workstation. The high-tech cell phone spyware empowers business owners and managers to witness and record whatever their workers do during the duty hours. Read on to know how the app can be used to supervise the workforce in the most efficient way.

TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App

TheOneSpy provides complete solution for employers to monitor and control digital devices of workers. The company-owned mobile phones, tablets and computers can be controlled without physical access. Once you install the monitoring solution on the targeted device, you can trace almost every activity performed on that machine. The employee spy app lets you know what your target is doing during the working hours inside and outside the workplace. You can use the targeted mobile phone as bugging device to secretly witness what is happening around.

How the Employee Spy App Works?

The surveillance software for android works in stealth mode without alerting the target. Once the app is installed on company-owned mobile phones, the activities performed on those phones can be traced via web portal of the app. The online portal of the android surveillance app acts as control panel through which the end-user can send commands to the targeted device. By logging into the online portal, the end-user can also access data saved on the targeted mobile phone.

How to Supervise Employees Activities with Android Surveillance App

You can supervise communication of your workers to prevent them from exchanging unproductive and harassing texts. The internet and social media activities of employees can also be overseen with the help of spyware solution. Read on to know what can be overseen with the use of employee spy software.

Monitor Employee Communication

The conversations made by workers using the monitored android phones can be supervised remotely. You can find out what text messages they have sent and what they have received. The emails exchanged by employees can also be read without letting them know. The online and offline conversations of workers can be supervised to prevent them from gossips, harassments and unproductive talks. The monitoring solution automatically syncs incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, emails and messages exchanged via social media apps and instant messengers. Then, it secretly uploads all messages to the web portal of the android surveillance app from where employers can read them.

Track Social Media

The social media activities of employees can be supervised to keep an eye on progress of social media managers. You can track chats and posts made by workers on most commonly used social networking and communication apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Hike, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Vine, Hangout, Tinder and Telegram among others. The tracking of social media platforms helps you track and manage productivity of workers by keeping an eye on their online communication with clients.

Supervise Internet Use

In this digital age, the internet is crucial for businesses as it helps in streamlining business operations, increasing brand awareness and communicating with current and potential customers worldwide. However, the unsupervised internet use can decrease productivity of workers by keeping them engaged in unproductive acts. Many workers confess using the company internet for online shopping, updating personal social media and watching videos. The android monitoring app helps employers to find out how their workers use the internet. It provides access to the internet browsing history of their mobile phones including browsing details of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Find GPS Location

The tracker for android mobile phones enables employers to keep an eye on remote and traveling workers. By logging into the online portal of the tracker app, you can see the current GPS location of targeted cell phones of workers. Also, you can get detail of their visits to ensure they complete their assigned visits without getting involved in unproductive and personal tasks.

The android spy app lets you watch out almost all activities of employees performed inside and outside the workstation during and after duty hours. Click here to know more about the employee tracking software.

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