How To Make Your Family Relocation To Italy Stress Free

People relocate for so many reasons today. Relocation could be done because of a new job, an offer for studies, a change of environment, and an endless list.

Whatever the case, we won’t overlook that relocation can be quite stressful if not planned well, especially from one country to another.

As we know, Italy is one of the finest European countries, with a significant coastline on the Mediterranean. With its capital being Rome, Italy is a great place to raise kids, work, study, and live.

How to make your family relocation to Italy stress-free.

We have researched and stated four essential tips to make your family relocation to Italy stress-free, and they are:

1.    Put family needs into consideration.

Relocation can be a pain when the entire family is not carried along in the process.

Every family member should put in ideas and suggestions together to make the big move. It eased the stress of relocation as most family necessities are addressed properly even before moving.

2.    Get an Italian agent.

For the best information, proper guideline, and easy movement, it is advised to get an Italian agent to put you through. They’ll help with getting you a suitable apartment in your chosen location. Also, the agency will assist you with proper guidelines about Italian law, culture, etc.

3.    Get an Italian residence permit and citizenship.

One significant advantage of being an Italian citizen is that you can travel to 190 countries around the world without visas. The law in Italy permits second citizenship, after getting a passport, of course. First of all, you must apply and get a residence permit before you and your family move to Italy. A residence permit card allows you to apply for permanent residence and citizenship after five years. You can also get residency and citizenship by investment via, and this is a great option for investors and business professionals that want to move to Italy.

Becoming a citizen of Italy via naturalization takes ten years with some terms and conditions;

    • You’ll need to earn income and pay tax to the Italian government for five years.
    • There is also a minimum of what income you receive. It shouldn’t be less than 8,264 Euros per applicant.
    • There is a package for kids and couples too.

To apply for a residence permit and citizenship, you will need an original passport, payment receipts, passport photographs, a police clearance certificate, and other vital documents.

4.    Get the best movement plan.

Whether you’re moving just a few things with you or you’re making the big move. Be sensitive enough to make a proper plan. People planning a big move are advised to ship most of the heavy luggage to reduce the stress and resources of flying with so much baggage. Average shipping may take two weeks. It could be less or more, depending on where you are relocating. It allows you and your family to enjoy your flight journey. You can also opt for airline baggage services; it depends on your budget.

5.    Calculate your cost.

It is salient to calculate the cost of relocation. Know what it will cost to get your passports, visas, tickets, apartment, etc. Having this already figure will help you plan well and help reduce the stress of unforeseen or unplanned situations.

Factors to consider when relocation to Italy.

Below are factors you must consider when moving with your family to Italy;

1.    Cost of living.

The cost of living in Italy is fair compared to other nations. The region you choose to live in will determine your costs too, as there are places with a higher cost and others with a lesser price.

Knowing the cost of living will help you plan your relocation well.

2.    Employment.

It’s essential to seek employment even before your relocation. Companies in Italy are excited about suitable educational qualifications even above experience.

Earning an income in Italy gives you the upper hand in securing permanent citizenship.

3.    Health care.

The Italian country has one of the best healthcare packages around the world. It is essential to apply for health care insurance for your entire family even before relocation.

4.    Language.

The primary language spoken in Italy is Italian; it would be an added advantage to lay your hands on the basics to help you out when you arrive. They also speak English and other languages in Italy. Learning Italian makes things easier for you, especially in job applications.

5.    Climate.

The Italian nation is divided into three climatically, with each having its unique feature. Your precise location should help you determine whether to brace up for extreme cold and winter, hail, rains, sun, or the warm Mediterranean atmosphere. Other matters to consider are the cuisines, fashion, people, etc.

Relocating to Italy wouldn’t be so stressful once you have the right information to guide you and your family and help you settle in the new country. The information shared above will definitely give you a great start.

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