How to Make Your Cat Happy: 8 Tips That’ll Keep Fluffy Out of Mischief

Think your cat is bored or unhappy being inside? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how to make your cat happy.

One second your cat is purring as you pet him, the next he is viciously attacking your hand. With cat mood swings being what they are, it can make any cat owner wonder, “Is my cat happy?”

Having a cat that is healthy and happy involves more than cleaning a litter box and putting out food. Read on for a list of 8 tips on how to make your cat happy.

1. Get Your Kitty Tired

A tired cat is a happy cat. Cats are naturally athletic animals. They can go stir crazy just lazing about inside the house.

Outdoor cats typically get enough exercise. But it takes more dedication and effort to ensure that indoor cats get enough minutes of active play.

Find ways to encourage your cat to leap, run, and pounce.

2. Give Her Lots of Toys

Toys are one of the best ways for how to keep cats entertained.

No, your house doesn’t need to be overrun with cat paraphernalia. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money either.

Often, the best kitty toys are simple. Ribbons, strips of fabric or feathers on wands, catnip toys, and squeaking stuffed mice are all good options.

And you can upcycle items from home that your cat will love to play with. Paper bags, baskets, boxes, an old sock, a crumpled piece of paper or a milk jug ring are all great fun for your feline.

The idea is to give her lots of variety. Keep a few toys out for kitty to play with and rotate them often.

You can also hide some toys around the house which will encourage your cat to look for them.

3. Let Her Explore

Your cat’s natural curiosity needs to be fed. That’s why the rotation of interesting toys is important.

Let your cat be part of your everyday routine so he has the chance to check out the things your doing. This means letting your cat climb in and sniff your grocery bins after you’ve filled up the pantry.

4. Give Your Cat a Good Show

Indoor cats don’t get access to as many new sights as outdoor cats do. And there’s no Catflix to fill in the hours. So make sure your furry friend has access to the windows.

Either from the back of the couch or a strategically placed cat perches. Your cat will love watching your neighbors walk their dogs and enjoy the birds that dot your yard looking for worms.

In fact, hang bird and squirrel feeders near your cat’s window to give her a better show.

And don’t forget indoor viewing! An aquarium is great entertainment for cats.

Psst. It doesn’t even have to be real. A mechanical aquarium with plastic fish that “swim” across a screen is great fun for kitty.

You can also show your cat some cat videos (especially the ones that feature cats catching rodents or birds.) It’s a vicarious triumph!

5. Happy Kitties Love the Great Outdoors

Your cat’s sense of smell is 15 times better than yours. Give your cat access to the many scents of the great outdoors.

If you have a screened porch, let your cat sit out there every day. Or, you can build or buy a catio that lets your kitty explore outside without any risks.

Keep in mind that a fence may not keep other animals out of your yard. Always supervise your cat when you let him or her out into your fenced yard.

Also, before you start letting kitty out in the backyard, check that your fence doesn’t have escape routes, chemicals, toxic plants and so on.

Keeping cats indoors doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the best parts of outdoors. Cats love to chew on plants.

Your local garden center or pet store will have wheat or oat grass seed for you to buy. Plant some in small pots for your indoor cats to enjoy nibbling on. Make sure never to bring toxic plants into your home.

When you can’t let kitty outside, keep a window open so he can still get a whiff of what’s going on out there.

6. Let Kitty Hunt for Her Food

You can help keep your cat’s silhouette trim and healthy by not overfeeding him or her.

It’s great if you can let your cat hunt for his food instead of just grazing on her food bowl all day long (which leads to cat obesity).

It’s easy to let your cat hunt for her food. Just hide her food around the house under or on top of things. He will smell the food and find it.

You can also buy a few food-dispensing toys that your cat has to figure out how to use. This makes your cat have to work for his food and keeps his tummy trim.

There are also timed food dispensers that are great for when you are at work.

7. Play With Your Cat

There’s no substitute for interactive play to keep your cat happy. If you play with your cat every day, you never have to ask yourself “is my cat happy?”

When you play with your cat, it is more energetic and intellectually stimulating than when he plays on his own with a toy.

It’s also a great way to bond with your feline. Let your cat use his predatory instincts by moving toys that look like rodents away from him. He will have to work to hunt them.

Again, wand toys are an excellent tool for one-on-one playtime with your kitty.

8. Keep Kitty Healthy

One of the most important tips for how to make your cat happy is to make sure he or she is healthy so it is important to know about this cat asthma remedy.

A sick or injured cat won’t be able to enjoy a high-caliber lifestyle, no matter how many toys or outdoor time they get.

That’s why pet insurance from reliable companies like Bivvy is so valuable. You never know when your feline friend could get sick or injured. Get more information about feline pancreatitis so you know what to look out for.

Get more information about feline pancreatitis so you know what to look out for.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Your Cat Happy

We hope you enjoyed these 8 tips on how to make your cat happy. With some creativity and planning, your cat can enjoy all seven of her lives to the fullest.

Keep coming back for more articles that you’ll love.

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