How to Hire a Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s an unfortunate fact, but everyone is at risk for a personal injury at practically any moment. Car accidents are among the most common causes that result in severe injuries, and there are even over 33,000 fatal crashes per year in the United States alone. There are millions of other collisions that result in serious injuries that require medical care. Of course, car and truck accidents are hardly the only way one can suffer a personal injury. Work-related accidents are also extremely common. A minor argument could turn into an assault, or you may even suffer medical malpractice. There’s no way to predict the future, but there are ways you can protect yourself and stand up for your rights.

In an ideal scenario, your insurance company would come through following a personal injury claim and cover your medical bills. In cases of work-related injuries, accident victims should have a portion of their lost wages recovered as well. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t make their money by actually paying insurance claims. If you’ve been injured in Minnesota and you believe you’ve had a claim unfairly denied by your insurance company, or your injury was caused by the negligence or malicious intent of a third party, you’ll need legal representation from a Minnesota personal injury lawyer. Here’s how to go about hiring one.

Ask for referrals.

Among the best sources of information are the family members and friends you trust implicitly. If any of them have ever had to hire a personal injury attorney to seek fair financial compensation for an injury, ask them about their experience with their lawyer. It may be that you’ve already found your perfect candidate.

If you don’t know anyone with personal experience in Minneapolis or any other cities in Minnesota, you’ll have to look for referrals on your own. There are some great law firm aggregates out there, such as Super Lawyers, that can help you find the highest-rated personal injury lawyers in your area. Once you’ve found a few candidates, you’ll be ready for the next step.

Check for specializations.

While most injury lawyers could assist you with your personal injury case, you may want to look for an attorney with years of experience in your exact type of case. For example, some law firms focus specifically on motorcycle accidents, and some may specialize in medical malpractice. You want to find a lawyer who matches your specific situation and ask them about how they’ll approach your case during the initial consultation.

Prepare the relevant materials.

Speaking of your free consultation, it’s important to know that personal injury attorneys are generally paid on a contingency basis. This means that they’ll only accept payment by a percentage of your settlement upon a successful outcome. This means that personal injury lawyers are certain to fight for your best interests, but it also means they may be careful about which cases they accept. You’ll need to prepare for your consultation in order to present your case as well as possible.

The first thing you should do is gather your medical records. These will play an important role throughout your injury case. Assuming you sought medical attention immediately after your injury, your medical records will prove this and detail exactly what injuries you suffered. This will prevent the defendant from trying to discredit you by claiming your injuries could have come from another source. Keeping up pristine medical records will also show the pace of your recovery in detail, which can have a significant impact on your settlement offer.

You’ll also want to present as much evidence as possible about the injury itself. Take photographs of any physical injuries or property damage you suffered as soon as possible. If you can bring supporting evidence like a police report or a witness statement, these things can be a great help as well. With a Minnesota lawyer practiced in personal injury on your side, you’ll have your best chance at a positive outcome.

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