How to Get Your Workplace into the Christmas Spirit

As the temperature drops and the excitement spikes, many find themselves experiencing the joy of the holiday season. Christmas trees go up, snowflakes fall down, and gifts go under the tree. The holiday season is centered on family, joy, and just a little magic. However, just because Christmas is about family doesn’t mean the Christmas spirit can’t come to work.

The draining atmosphere of a 9 to 5 can sometimes make more Grinches out of co-workers than jolly elves. But remember, even the Grinch got excited for Christmas. Here are some wonderful ideas to bring some Christmas spirit to the office.

Deck the Halls

The visual stimulant of some Christmas décor can really set the mood. Bring in some festive holiday plants, charming lights, or even a Christmas tree! To be considerate of other holidays, consider a menorah as well.

Rather than just throwing things up overnight, try to get the office invested in the decorating. One great way is to have everyone make paper snowflakes, just like when they were kids. Those snowflakes can then go up around the office and display everyone’s creativity in a festive way.

Spread the Cheer

Nothing rings in the season like bells and Christmas carols.While singing loud in the middle of a workday might not be the best move, softly playing Christmas music can get people into the spirit.

Whether this is through the office sound system or just from your desk area, you can use Christmas music to subtly instill some holiday spirit. Be careful with this one though as playing the same songs multiple times a day might chip away at that holiday cheer.

Share the Joy

One of the best parts of the holiday season is all the food. Consider hosting a holiday-themed potluck or just surprising the office with Christmas cookies. Either way, food goes a long way in getting people excited for Christmas.

Festive Contest

A little friendly competition can really help the office loosen up. A cookie decorating contest or a gingerbread contest can really get the office excited for the holidays. You can also level up the competition by adding some elements like food coloring gel as a design to decorate your cookies.

Another idea is to have department or sections of the workplace decorate their space and judge for the winner. The winner(s) can earn time off, a cash prize, or just the glory of it all. This breaks up the monotony of the work day and lets everyone show their creative side. It is a great way to create memories, bond a little with coworkers, and see who comes out on top.

‘Tis the Season to Give

One way to get employees excited about the holidays is to do a little early gift giving. This can be a gift for the whole office, like customized, company-branded bags or Santa hats from Printkick, or a Secret Santa (or Snowflake) gift exchange. Some thoughtful gifts can warm up the office and really spread the holiday spirit.

Another way to give is to host a drive of some sort, like a toy drive, to give back to the community. In addition to receiving a gift, it lets the office give back to the community. Consider also taking an office outing to a nearby non-profit organization and spending time doing hands-on service.

After Hours Fun

A holiday party outside of the regular work day is a more informal way to celebrate the season with the office. Whether this is a dinner out or a full-blown affair, it is a chance for all to be merry and bright. Seeing coworkers without the daily demands of the job allows everyone to loosen up a little and enjoy the season.

There are so many ways to spread holiday cheer! Don’t forget to be respectful of other potential holidays your co-workers might observe and be inclusive of their special time of year as well. Holiday magic is infectious, and with a little effort, everyone will feel the holiday spirit.

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