How to Export Spotify Playlist, Albums List, Artist List, and Track List to Excel CSV

Spotify doesn’t make it easy for anyone to export playlist or import in other services like Google music or Apple music. The Spotify app is reserved. The user needs to use different third-party apps to transfer your Spotify playlist and other features. These apps allow the user to export simple text files as backup plans once something happens to your Spotify account.  They also help if you accidentally delete your playlist and cannot recover or not sure what to do next. Apart from that, you can also search for sources to buy Spotify plays to achieve your target goal.

Thriving in Spotify requires more effort and building a strong fan base. Some artists buy Spotify monthly listeners to keep their accounts ranking at the top. These efforts might be futile if the account is closed or music is deleted. To solve issues of unpredictable happening. It’s best to export your Spotify playlist to save Excel CSV though it takes some steps to accomplish.

Exporting Spotify playlist to Excel CSV

Exporting play a significant role by backing up your music; it’s easy by following a few steps below:

    • Open your Spotify app on your device.
    • On the homepage, log in with your account details.
    • From the library, select the playlist category, select the playlist you wish to export, and use the download sign or right click>export as a file.
    • Now select the Excel CSV format to export.
    • Next, confirm the playlist to export and select a download file to save the device list.
Exporting Spotify albums list to Excel CSV
    • Go to the Spotify link and login using account details.
    • On the menu, go to the library and click on albums options.
    • Check the albums to export and click the export button from the menu.
    • Now select the Excel CSV format to export.
    • Next, click the download file to save to any device of choice.

The process happens for all export from albums, artist list, and tracks. One needs to select the type of export from the library and follow the same steps above. Different export features ease the process. Users can improvise the export tools and get their playlist for free.

Exporting tools for Spotify playlist

The site is designed to ease the exporting process from Spotify to your designated device. It has simple features, and it’s the best website where you can log with Spotify. Once logged in, you can explore the playlist and export all or few according to preference. The SPOTMYBACUP website comes in handy for the user who needs to export all playlists at once. All the files are saved using the JSON file extension; these are used directly in Spotify to import old playlists and music. It also helps in recovering deleted music files.

2. Spotify playlist export

This website is famous though it works differently; the user has to connect the Spotify app to the Spotify playlist export website. The site doesn’t back up your data but provides options on how to export your data. The site has features of how to export songs to a particular playlist, see when you added the songs to the playlist, etc. From the site, you can save your playlist to the CSV files making it easy to open.

3. Exportify

Exportify is the best and commonly used data backup website. It’s easy to use and provides features that keep your music safe. The website has a good interface and also backup features to help you save music playlists.  You can export public or private playlist, sending them all together or just one by one. Save the playlist to CSV with all the information contained on the music (Artist name, song title, and many more)

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