How to Choose the Right Name for Your Fur Baby

Nowadays, people see their pets like family. What was a trend of naming your pet dog, spot, or your pet cat, fluffy, is starting to lose its touch. Everyone wants to name their pet a name that’s unique and close to their hearts. While there are a ton of possible names to choose from, there are a few tips on how to choose the right one for your pet.

Read more to know those tips.

1. Pick A Theme

If you’re thinking of selecting names for one or more pets, you may want to think of a theme to keep everything uniform and cute. It can be as simple as naming your entire litter with the names of the months of the year (March, June, and July), or maybe its a smaller group try the days of the week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). The possibilities are endless, you’ll just need to pick out a theme to it. I have this neighbor who named his pet dogs’ after snacks like Combos, and Pringles, so cute!

As you consider themes, exploring various ideas can be helpful. A visit to a resource like Motherhood Community can provide a fresh perspective with its diverse range of pet names, potentially fitting the theme you have in mind.

2. Choose Good Memories

The trick is personalization, everyone wants a unique name, sure, but what’s more important is choosing a name that’s closest to your heart. Let’s say you want to name your pet after the countries you’ve visited like southeast Asian countries because you’ve been on a memorable vacation there, or the city where you’re living now, because being with your pet just feels like home.

And the choices are not limited to just places, of course, let’s say it was your tenth birthday when you got your pet so you decided to name him Ten. You see, memorable.

3. Avoid Command Sounding Names

So you’ve decided to get a dog and you’re planning to teach the puppy a few tricks like sit, stay, or bark. I believe that it’s best if you select a name that doesn’t sound like your dog’s name. For example, bark sounds like Mark, Ray sounds like stay.

4. Sounds That Catch Your Attention

Dogs also have a preference when it comes to sounds, so choose a name that is short, and if you can keep it to two syllables only as it will benefit you with your dog responding much quicker. Also, choosing names that have hard consonant sounds like “M”, “T”, “S”, or “K” will surely catch their attention when you call on them as these hard consonants imprint on them better.

So let’s say you’re in the city and there’s a lot of hustle and bustle going on, if your dog has a hard consonant sounding name, surely it will respond a lot quicker to your call.

5. Call Out Loud!

When you select a name, of course, you want to be comfortable with it, it’s the name you chose for your fur baby, you’re so proud of it you can yell it out in the open with the public’s ears hearing it. You have to consider if it rolls with your tongue easily, as you will be saying it for many years to come.

6. Based on Pet’s Characteristics

An obvious approach to naming your pets is to name them after or related to their personal appearance or temperament. This may take a bit more time as you will want to get to know your pet before making any decisions. Do not fret though, as by naming your pet after their characteristic(s), you will achieve optimum personalization of your pet’s moniker. For example, you can name your black-furred cat as “Midnight” or your cream-colored Labrador as Butters.

You can poke fun at it as well, my cousin named her black and gray  Pomsky “Snowball”, I know, crazy, right?

7. Names of People

Of course, choosing people’s names for your fur babies is completely fine. You will be able to discover a lot of choices for this category, the most popular nowadays are Max and Bella. Go on, give it a go, it’s all about personalizing, and choosing what you’re comfortable with.

8. Fear of Changing Names

Is it okay to change your pet’s name if you adopted them? According to experts, it is completely fine, a certified dog trainer that goes by the name of Karen London says it’s common practice when adopting. There are no rules to follow when changing names, you don’t even have to use the same number of letters or syllables. What you want to make sure of is you spend time teaching your pet to familiarize its new moniker.

At the end of the day, if you’re still undecided on what to name your fur baby, well then it’s time to bring out the baby name books, or you might want to browse the web and search for that name that best fits your pet. Do not forget to be adventurous as choosing names pets to have more leeway than choosing names for children. If in your search you find that name that makes you happy when you say it, go ahead and stick to it, that simply means you’ve found the right name for your fur baby.

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