How to Choose a Lawyer

Before making a choice in favor of this or that lawyer, we recommend:

Check whether the lawyer is a lawyer. The lawyer should also have a certificate and be registered somewhere – in the bar association, bureau, office, or legal advice.

To learn about his specialization, experience, recommendations from clients and colleagues. Lawyers, as most professionals like alimony lawyers, have a division by specialization – someone takes on only murder, someone is well versed in drug disputes, someone prefers to protect fraudsters. It is good if you can find a lawyer who has the appropriate specialization, such as wrongful termination lawyers in Kansas City, MO. It is even better if he has a lot of experience and good recommendations. You can clarify this with the lawyer himself, or you can study his professional path through the Internet. You should be wary if there will be no information about the defender.

Meet and talk to the lawyer. On the phone or by correspondence, even if there are recommendations, the full impression of his future attorney will not make. Between the lawyer and the client, there must be a mutual understanding: without this, nothing works even with the most experienced professional. During the conversation and the discussion of the assignment, it is necessary to discuss in detail the technology of future work, the necessary organizational steps, deadlines for them, the documents that will have to be submitted to the client and will be prepared in the process of work, and the state bodies with which the interaction will be carried out.

How to understand that your lawyer is incompetent?

After the conclusion of the contract, a good lawyer periodically informs the client about the progress of the case, takes the necessary steps in a timely manner and agrees on them in advance, does not avoid meetings, answers to all emerging issues in an exhaustive manner. A lack of such action on the part of the chosen counsel is an obvious cause for concern. Understanding that the lawyer is incompetent, can also be seen in the reaction of the court to his work. If the documents that the lawyer prepares are systematically rejected by the court, read the texts of the relevant judicial acts. It usually does not require special legal knowledge to understand whether a document is rejected because the court has taken a different point of view from several possible ones (this does not indicate the lawyer’s unprofessionalism), or because the lawyer made a mistake (for example, the complaint was filed with the wrong court or body, or with a violation of the procedural deadline, or without the necessary set of documents). It is also not difficult to identify the lawyer who wants to enrich himself at your expense. If you do not understand what he does and why, and at the same time you cannot get intelligible explanations or do not see his work at all (for example, no one shows up for the trial), decide about further cooperation with such a lawyer.

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