How to Choose a Good Souvenir?

Objects that remind you where you were, with whom and when, they generally do not have the name of the city printed in large golden letters. These are the rules to follow to decide wisely what to take home or not.

– Make sure he doesn’t have the big “Made in China” fat stamp, unless you’re in China, of course. Piracy replicates even the most complex crafts, check your purchases.

– Do not buy anything you could buy in your home country. It is useless weight in the suitcase that is not worth carrying just by saying that it comes from somewhere else.

– Choose a memory with an emotional bond. The basic idea of ​​bringing a souvenir home is just that you can look at it and remember some experience. To make it happen, buy it during a special walk in a place that you loved, it can be an atypical object.

– Take away what caused you a Wow Factor. Buy something that made an impression on you when you saw it and your friends will probably feel it too. Souvenirs can be a way to make your family discover something they haven’t seen, like salmon sweets from Japan or Starbucks travel mug. Who would have thought they existed? Even if they don’t eat them, it will be an interesting moment that will unleash your travel stories.

– To choose what you will give to your friends ask yourself this question: Would you want it in your house too? A dish with Prince George’s face seemed funny to you when you were walking in London but will they think the same?

– Forget about objects with the name of the country. Bags, clothes, toys, pens, keychains, cups … If you choose a good souvenir, we assure you, you will not need to have the place of your holiday printed so you can remember where it is.

– Will it have any use? For practicality, make sure you know where you are going to place it or what you are going to use it for; a decorative object for your house will give you more pleasure in the long run than a magnet, for example.

– Avoid replicas of monuments and works of art. The typical Eiffel tower or a poster of Van Gogh’s sunflowers will always fall short, if you want a souvenir with reference to a certain piece, it is worth, just look for it reinterpreted, for example, on a kitchen table or a backpack, the idea is to get out of context.

– Never buy at airports, not only because the price is inflated just for forgetful people who want to take something home at the last minute, but because you won’t find anything original, just mass production.

In the end, the best souvenirs are not bought in souvenir shops. Remember that. It’s the same thing that everyone will take home and probably won’t comply with rule number 3, emotional attachment. Better keep walking …

Find the artisans at your destination, they always have better deals for you than any store. Choose limited edition or handmade items and do not haggle, the manual work of small producers is worth its price.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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