How Much Does An Average New Roof Cost?

Your roof is one of the most essential parts of your home as it fully protects the structure against the harshness of the elements. So if your roof were to become damaged at any point, you will need to urgently replace or repair it when necessary.

Replacing your roof might seem far more straightforward than sorting out multiple repairs. However, this is not the case. Many small things need to be factored into the final cost of a new roof in addition to the raw materials. This can include the hiring of dumpsters that can be used for roofing projects or the purchase of permits to allow the work to be carried out. All in all, there’s plenty to tally up.

Here is a quick breakdown of what is included in an average new roof cost:

Unforeseen Costs of Roof Replacement

If you witnessed a storm that caused significant roof damage, yet did not take immediate action, you might discover plywood damage where some shingles were torn off by high winds. You should take immediate steps to safeguard your roof the moment you realize that roof is in need of repair. You may click here for more info about dependable and affordable roof repair service providers.

More complex roof designs such as skylights can also potentially increase the overall price of a new roof. Any reliable roofer like will charge a little bit more to accommodate these specific features.

Other factors a roofing company might consider when estimating the overall cost of a new roof include the roof material, the slope of your roof, and also the accessibility to the roof.

Other Things To Consider When Calculating The Average Cost Of A Roof Replacement


Replacing a roof requires a large number of nails. Within the last few years, a box of nails has increased in price from $16 to around $27. A general roof will require two separate boxes of nails which means costs will quickly be added up and factored into the overall cost of a roof replacement.

Roofing Underlay

We’d recommend using a durable underlay on your roof will serve as an extra layer of protection against water damage. If damage were to occur to your shingles, a roofing underlay will keep your home safe from leaks, mold, and many other issues. Roofing underlay is a requirement, so your contractor must plan to install it.

Starter Shingles

Starter shingles are another vital part of the roofing process to ensure your roof is kept free from water. They are positioned below the primary shingle and work to direct water off of the roof instead of letting it simply enter your home. 


Much like other parts of your home, your roof needs adequate ventilation to achieve proper airflow. Without this, there is no way for hot air to leave your attic. This could result in many issues revolving around rotting materials and mold. Proper ventilation will prolong your roof’s lifespan while increasing the energy efficiency in your home. 

Roof Flashing

This is a way to seal joints and other vulnerable areas to ensure water isn’t trapped. Roof flashing is not typically included in many estimates as it tends to require the removal of some siding. This is a very important area to remain aware of, so you must find out how your chosen roofing company plans to handle the roof flashing.

Labor Costs

Once you have added up the material costs and other considerations, you must consider labor. This typically accounts for around 60% of a new roof cost but will fluctuate depending on where you live.

After a larger storm that causes long-lasting roofing damage such as hail storms, hurricanes, or tornados, a roofer will often be in high demand. If you are in an unaffected area then you might struggle to find a company to replace your roof.

So, How Much Does An Average New Roof Cost?

The national average cost to reshingle a roof is around $7,200, but it can vary drastically. The same applies to replacing an entire roof.

A typical range for a roof replacement cost is anywhere from $5,100 to about $10,000. However, roof replacement can be anywhere as low as $1,200 or as high as $30,000. 

A lot of roofing companies will typically charge a rate between $3.50 and $5.00 per square foot. It’s also important to note that the average roof size in the country is about 1,700 square feet. 

The overall cost of a new roof depends on other things like square footage, materials used, and the rate of damage caused to the roof and beyond.


In short, you can expect to pay at least a couple thousand dollars for an average new roof. However, this depends on the size of your roof and the materials that are used. For example, a bigger roof will cost more money.

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