How can Globe Trotters Enjoy a Trip without Jet Lag?

There are several pleasures to discover while you travel the world solo or with a group. For instance, the joy of visiting hidden gems and undiscovered places apart from the mainstream locations. If you love to gorge on regional delicacies, traveling to foreign destinations may be your hobby. However, many travelers experience the problem of experiencing jet lag after international traveling. Not only can it give us sleepless nights in the time zones we’ve switched, but when prolonged long enough, jet lag can result in other health complications.

The good news is that you can avoid the dread of not being able to operate in your destination’s time zone. Here are four mistakes that you may be making while flying that you can cross out!

1. Not selecting a good seat for yourself: The position and type of seat you choose for your flights matter a lot when it comes to your comfort. Choosing cramped seats at the back just because they are free may subject you to turbulence and excessive movement at the rear end of the plane. Alternatively, middle seats are extremely uncomfortable since you’re stuck between two individuals. Instead, choose comfortable seats at the front with ample legroom to feel less tired when you land.

2. Drinking alcohol on the flight: Drinking at 37,000 feet may seem like a luxurious thing to do, but can mess with your body’s metabolism! Alcohol-induced naps are barely restful, which may lead you to feel dehydrated and tired. If you end up with a hangover, you may also experience traveler’s sickness. Hence, if you wish to have some, keep it limited to one small serving.

3. Not giving time to adjust after landing: If you’re on a flight that’s longer than 8-10 hours, you’re going to need some time to adjust to the new time zone. It may seem like you’re good to go, but let your body rest and recalibrate its circadian rhythm as per the daylight timings in the new destination. If you’re finding it hard to sleep, trying out a CBD product from the online head shop may help you with deep rest. This may take just a day if you use the right concentration. Go to bed at an acceptable time as per their time zone and wake up with the rising sun.

4. Not preparing for time zone changes prior: Late nights and parties right before your flight while jet-setting across continents may seem super trendy, but can harm your health. Instead, choose the last two days of your days before the flight to start prepping for the new time zone you will be in. Based on the difference, adjust your sleeping time by a couple of hours so that you don’t struggle upon landing.

Wrapping Up:

Not only do these little travel mistakes club into a huge snowball called jet lag but also make it difficult for you to recover from it. If you changed your schedule a couple of days before your flight, you may be able to easily skim past the disordered sleeping and metabolism changes. We hope this blog brings you all the necessary information to have the best journey and tourism experience in 2023 and onward!

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