Home Decor Trends That Will Make It Big in 2022 Amid the Pandemic and Tips to Include Them with Home Remodeling Companies in Los Angeles

The omicron virus is rising in America. Researchers have not yet found the transmissibility and severity of this SARS-CoV-2 variant as of November 2021. But it can lead to serious diseases. Further, the possibility of the coronavirus re-emerging has not been ruled out. Thus, staying safe indoors is the key to good health. As the pandemic continues, homeowners are willing to invest in remodeling trends. A few old ones can make a comeback while designers are to hold on to the classics. Architects, interior stylists and builders across the nation have released a list based on consumer tastes.

Remodeling expenditure in the US stood at $353 billion in the first quarter of 2021 and was set to reach $370 billion in the same quarter. You are not the only one is considering energy efficiency and repairs. Studies found that 76% of Americans would rather use their money to update their home than be happy with the existing ones. Companies like Giant Construction suggest home remodeling in Los Angeles to fit the desired aesthetics and pick the one that best fits your budget. Work with them to bring on the new year with these design trends.

Redoing the Home Office

The heightened interest in creating cozy office space is not going away anytime soon. People are most likely investing in aesthetics and flexibility this time. The space must be able to cater to your office work and the educational needs of your children. So, collaborate with a home remodeling company in LA that will create built-in keyboards, file cabinets, outlets and better lighting. Keep the décor, storage, color and equipment in mind.

Bathroom Makeover 

The interiors of washrooms are seeing super-fancy add-ons in architecture and design. The trends that will dominate the most are standout benches, scenic murals, spa-like features, statement marble and mixed textures.  Natural materials, luxe fixtures and walk-in showers are other hot trends that will be adopted across the nation. A home remodeling contractor in Los Angeles will assist you with the project right from start to finish.


This is mainly a drop-off zone, pet-washing area, laundry storage or simply used for stashing keys, shoes, umbrellas or hats. Americans might end up investing in renovating this space since the pandemic rituals are to continue in 2022 as well. Work with a home remodeling contractor in Los Angeles that can offer a waterproof solution for the floor like vinyl tile. Add lights and open up the space to ensure ventilation.

General Floor Pattern

Geometric and Herringbone floors will be back. Keep the space, type, practicality, type and maintenance in mind before finalizing a material. Pick single color palettes if you wish to score a large-scale pattern. Other options include parquet, laminate, porcelain stoneware, patterned wood, timber and concrete and barn board. You can mix and match to experiment and come up with anything unique that suits your existing décor.

Remember that less is still more when considering home additions in Los Angeles. Keep minimalism at the heart of the project. Lastly, ensure your home is functional enough to serve the day-to-day chores and boost your living standards.

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