Helping Your Dog To Adjust To A Traveling Lifestyle

Owning a dog will improve your health, prevent loneliness, and give you emotional support. Not every animal makes a great travel companion, but thankfully dogs are one of the ones that adapt to it well. It’s so likely to be a success that 79% of people take their dog on vacation with them. But when you’re frequently upping sticks and relocating, how do you ensure your dog adjusts?

Remember your dog’s favorite belongings

You’ve probably got a favorite outfit or bag that you’d be lost without. Dogs are very similar to humans and like to have their own belongings. Your dog’s bowl, bed, blanket, and toys will mean the world to them and they’ll be heartbroken if they’re left behind when you take off. Keep a list of your dog’s items and tick them off every time you pack up to leave so you can be sure you’ve got all of your pet’s essential items.

Practice using a crate

One of the safest ways to travel with a dog is in a crate. A crate should always be secured to your vehicle using a seat belt. The door should be closed and locked when your pooch is inside it. This will prevent you from being distracted while driving – something that 29% of owners admit to. Using a crate will also prepare your dog for what’s to come if you ever travel overseas with your pooch. Familiarizing your dog with a crate is crucial for a successful flight. You can get them used to it by putting their food inside. It’s also important to check that the crate is suitable. A dog should freely be able to turn around inside it and be able to stand up without hitting its head.

Allow plenty of rest time

89% of people say that traveling is stressful. If you’re feeling stressed, your dog is likely to feel the same way. There are lots of new sights and smells for dogs to take in when you’re on the move. Being locked in a crate will also heighten a dog’s stress levels. Plus, if you’re raising your voice at other drivers or getting annoyed because you’ve got lost, your dog’s anxiety levels will rise. When you reach your destination, give your dog plenty of time to rest and recover from the journey. Set up his bed in a quiet space, alongside his favorite toy and let him chill for as long as he needs to.

Explore together

When your dog is showing signs of being ready to discover your new location, head outside and explore it together. By doing this, you’ll keep your dog safe as you’ll lower the risk of him disappearing or getting lost. Exploring together is a great way to develop the bond between the two of you and it’ll be nice to stretch your legs together.

Dogs make excellent travel companions. Regardless of how you travel or how often you travel, always prioritize your dog’s safety and welfare to ensure the journey is as smooth as possible for your pet.

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