Headlight Comparison: Halogen vs. LED vs. HID Xenon

It’s always been essential to be extraordinary in headlight performance. Though the maximum parts of automobiles related to each other, real innovation come with comes to the brightness system. By the time, we can see different types of light bulb technologies are steadily developed in evolution.

Many mechanics are indeed confused about selecting the right headlight features. In this context, you’re focused on LEDs vs. HID Xenon vs. Halogen. Why are we starting with only 3 headlight discussion? It’s because these three headlight bulbs influenced as the TOP outstanding technologies. Therefore, we start complicating over the development and perfection of the best-categorized headlight of this planet.

Introduction to Halogen Headlights

Most of the vehicles choose to start with standard bulbs in front of the structure. Halogen is called the trending standard grade bulb as it opens up its journey in 1962 in Europe. Later in 1979, US automation technology permits Halogen to be a part of American vehicles.

To be honest, comparing all popular headlights, Halogen has the most affordable price range; even the installation process is hand-soothing. Decent drivers love Halogen strategy as it produces fair illumination. Note down a thing, Halogen has less efficiency than Xenon and LED when lightening up. Another reason for dislike Halogen bulb is heated up to 2.5 Celsius in the running schedule. The filament gets very warm. You mustn’t choose Halogen if you’re conscious of a long lifespan.

Working process of Halogen bulb:

Being passionate about being a visible light is the main strategy of a Halogen bulb. It uses tungsten filament to pass electricity to the main power. In the first decade of the automotive revolution, the incandescent bulb was highly appreciated. Later, Halogen comes with a genuine upgrade containing Halogen gas inside the bulb to prevent the filament from low performance. Though Halogen gets in high temperatures but depending on the Halogen gas technology, it never burns out. Forget the temperature; Halogen is a brighter light in a short lifespan comparing LED and Xenon headlight.

    • Easy installation
    • Price in range
    • Versatile mode ON
    • Easy to weigh than incandescent lamp
    • High temperature
    • Low lifespan
    • Less brightness than Xenon & LED performance

Introduction to Xenon Headlights

Whatever you call it HID or Xenon headlight, it comes in a kit of Xenon HID bulbs. Combination of High-Intensity Discharge and Xenon illumination configures the prime light production. While Halogen bored the local drivers with yellow reflection, Xenon headlight comes with the whitest brightness. Do you know where Xenon HID bulbs were implemented at first? It’s in a 1991 7-Series BMW. Gradually, it starts being used instead of Halogen bulbs as an upgrade production in many vehicles. Xenon needs a few seconds to light up the contrast of Halogen application.

Working process of Xenon Headlights

Xenon HID is a little bit challenge to install, where Halogen takes a short time to set up. After installing a Xenon HID headlight, it takes a few seconds to reach the climax of high brightness. Bulb reaches its full potential as the current inside the bulb continues to flow and vaporize the metallic salts. Increasing current flow inspires high performance. In the early stage of use, Xenon HID consumes maximum energy to get into the sufficient power consumer. And then, Xenon headlight works skilled.

    • Brightest illumination
    • Broader coverage performance
    • Long lifespan
    • Energy saving
    • Costly price range
    • Complex installation
    • Needs time to get switched on

Introduction to LED Headlights

LED reforms the technology of the light-emitting diode that reserves much energy comparing the Halogen and Xenon bulb. If I talk about proficiency, LED comes with the most popularity.

You must be fond of white LEDs instead of standard yellow focus, and automotive engineers make it easy for multipurpose opportunities. LEDs can be installed in easy ways, whereas Xenon takes more time to be in performance. Comparing the size, LEDs have a smaller shape than Xenon and Halogen. You can use LED as the flexible conversion kit. Being little energy sufficient and performing cool brightness makes it user friendly. A single LED brings imperfection to produce maximum light, so; automotive LEDs come with an array of LEDs function.

If anyone trapped in a dilemma that is best for the longest lifespan? It’s LED. You will be amazed to know that by 2030, 70% of cars will be using LED as their headlight function.

Working process of LED light

LED works based on a specific electronic component, and it is a Light-emitting diode. It helps the electric transmission flow in just a direction. Also, semiconductor materials help the LEDs to react as light changing sensors. A combination of semiconductor pieces in a dual function creates the grand design for perfect light emission. It was a surprise for world mechanics to understand how white LED makes the development instead of Red, Green, and Yellow. Now, LED is a popular task for global engineers.

    • Energy sufficient
    • Long lifespan
    • Shockproof technology
    • Flexible to setup
    • High price range
    • Arrays of the LED must be use cooling system

At first, Halogen is budget-friendly and charges less than the other two headlamps. It is never used for the maximum lifespan, even in the long run. You may have to change more lighting operation.

In the next step, Xenon is an advanced process of Halogen for being the brightest in the great lighting process. You can save some money as it is a budget-friendly lighting package too.

At (long) last, LED must be a professional choice for all the automotive developers as it is established on power-saving technology. The performance of the Light-emitting diode is far advanced than other headlight specifications. And, you must spend twopenny extra for being in a professional choice. Try them out.

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