Have Travel Photos? They’re Great for These 5 Things

For families that travel together, you likely accumulate a lot of travel photos. What should you do with all of those photos? The idea of just throwing them away is terrible. They’re captured memories, after all. So, what do you do? Here are five ways you can use your travel photos.

1. Create a Photo Book

Perhaps you’ve heard of a scrapbook, but have you ever heard of a photo book? A photo book is a bit different than a scrapbook in that the photos, themselves, tell a story. In a scrapbook, you often write little messages here and there in the book. While that’s fine, it doesn’t always utilize the photo as the main feature.

That’s exactly what a photo book does. And you can  make a photo book with your own pictures. Some may take up the entire page. Others may be minimized and placed on a page alongside others that help tell a story.

As the saying goes, “an image is a thousand words,” your photo book can show exactly that. You don’t need to say anything about your travels. The story is right here.

Photo books are also great as gifts. If your child is graduating high school and off to college, then giving them a photo book of your family’s adventures could be a touching gift. They’ll always have the memories to look back on whenever they’re feeling homesick. They may even pass the book onto their own children when they’ve become an adult.

Photo books can start off a long lineage of shared memories from one generation to the next.

2. Cards

Whether it’s a Christmas Card, Birthday Card, Easter Card, or just a Get Well Soon Card, you could use your travel photos as the main feature. The idea of a card is to send warm wishes to the one receiving it. What better way to make them feel warm than to include a photo of your family from your travels?

It could be a funny photo that can brighten up the recipient’s day. It could be something that your family discovered that could make the recipient feel as though they’re part of the adventure. Or it could be a photo that showcases some breathtaking scenes that will inspire the recipient to make the journey themselves when they can.

Placing your travel photo or photos on a card also makes it more personal. Anyone can just buy a card at the store and send it. Few actually take the time to personalize their card with photos of their family. This can touch the heart of the recipient that you took the extra time just for them.

3. Make a Calendar

Another cool idea that uses your travel photos is to make a calendar. Everyone needs a new calendar every year. Why not have your calendar showcase your favorite photos from your travels? Each time a new month emerges, you’re able to relive the memories associated with the chosen picture of that month.

Some formats even allow you to choose more than one photo for a month. You could have a series of photos that tell the story of a vacation that you took. For those who take several trips throughout the year, may just have enough photos to tell a story of 12 different vacations.

This allows you an opportunity to think back on that vacation and all of the fun that you had with your family. It may even inspire you to set a date for your next great adventure.

Calendars also make for great gifts. Whether it’s to your child who is moving away or extended family and friends, everyone could use a calendar. For those who are near and dear to you, they’ll love looking through the calendar and seeing all of your travel photos. For children, it will allow them to remember the happy times that they shared with their family.

4. Phone Case

With everyone practically getting a new phone case every other year, you could personalize it. Your travel photos could be the perfect background for your brand new photo case. Choosing your favorite one may be difficult. One option is to make a collage of your travel photos, then choose that collage as the background for your phone case.

Every time you look at your phone–which is likely often–you’ll be able to look at the photos and remember the good times. Transforming your travel photos into a phone case means you can take those memories with you wherever you go.

5. Make it Wood

One cool way to preserve your photo is to turn it into wood. There are a few companies that transfer the image of your photo onto a slab of wood. This allows you to decorate your home with travel photos in a totally unique way.

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