Hatta City Tour from Dubai Airport

The excitement level rises up when you plan to have Hatta city tour with family and kids and want to explore the top tourist attractions of Hatta city.

Hatta city gives you a feel of faraway fairyland. Here you can have camped under the shining sky, kayaking, hiking, play and relax, etc. Set against a bright blue Hatta Lake, Hatta carries its own personality.
For shopping choose the local Hatta city small market, and for wonderful kayaking experiences choose Hatta dam as that seems to meet everyone’s needs and preferences.  The Hatta park and children’s parks with playground are both the most adventure attractions in the city; these are most popular among families. Hatta Mountain hiking is known for its amazing cycle ride and not-to-be-missed sunsets.

At Hatta Dam, you can also hire a boat for a day for fishing or you can rent a sea kayak and explore the green lake surrounded by rocky mountains. With All these offerings Hatta city is surely going to get the popularity it deserves.

So, guys, it’s time to keep away unwanted stuff and pack only what you are surely going to need while visiting Hatta city.

Below are some tips you shall consider before heading to Hatta City if you have a short layover in UAE.

Booking Dubai Airport Taxi in Advance

If you are coming from outside UAE and want to go straight for a day tour to Hatta then book a Dubai Airport Taxi in advance to eliminate the stress and hassle of finding airport transfer at Dubai Airport.

There are lots of transportation companies and transport types available at Dubai Airport, you can either get a taxi at Dubai Airport on arrival or can book a Dubai Airport taxi prior. Booking an airport taxi in advance according to your budget and group size is a preferable option.

Get your Camping Equipment

Hatta city is the best city for camping, the city’s calm atmosphere, clean and fresh environment makes the city a perfect place for overnight camping. Get your camping equipment and set up it in a designated tourist spot. You can even rent tents and camps at Hatta city also but that will be slightly costly, so the best option is to get your camping tents with yourself.

BBQ Cooking Accessories:

Hatta city is the complete holiday destination, here you can cook BBQ in designated places also under the blue sky even at night. Get all the necessary equipment for BBQ and cook amazing BBQ and let your kids play around you in silent environments surrounded by beautiful mountains.


Don’t forget the sun is eagerly waiting for your beautiful skin, so keep your bag well stocked with gradual tan lotion and moisturizers.

Get your Bikes:

Hatta city offers a great opportunity to enjoy bike rides at rocky mountains-specific routes. You can get your own bikes and even can rent bikes on an hourly basis in Hatta city.


To make the fun triple carry your favorite pair of flip flops, to ease your way out with sand.


Remember you are on a holiday and you need to relax, carry the most comfortable outfit. Be prepared for all occasions like cooking BBQ, kayaking, hiking, parties, outdoor sport, and shopping.

Other Accessories:

Sunglasses are going to prove your best friend while touring this beautiful city as the sun rises in a full hot mood.

So pack up your bags, gather up your family and friends, and hit the road. Visit the mountain city Hatta and spend an amazing day.

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