Guild Signs of Salzburg

Guild Sign Scheffer

Our obsession with the beautiful and ornate Guild Signs of Salzburg was all consuming. As if the city itself is not charming enough, these wrought iron works of art send Salzburg over the top.

Modern guild signs on a side street

The practice of creating descriptive and elaborate signs outside of businesses began in the Middle Ages, and now are featured outside established establishments, as well as the new. Even McDonald’s has gotten in on the game. We didn’t go there.

Hoffbrau 1992 Guild Sign

Some of the signs are so descriptive, it became a game between us to guess what kind of business lay beneath.

Stiegl Keller Guild Sign in Salzburg, Austria

Gollhofer Optik Guild Sign

Gablerbrau Guild Sign featuring Kaiser Beer

Zum Mohren Guild Sign

Music Pub Guild Sign

Charming Salzburg street with guild signs

Hotel Amadeus guild sign

Wilder Mann Guild Sign featuring Stiegl

Guild signs at night

Hotel Stadtkrug

Charming Salzburg street with guild signs at night

David & Veronica,

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12 thoughts on “Guild Signs of Salzburg”

  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing your experiences in Salzburg. I would like to ask your permission to use your beautiful pictures of guild signs on my blog.

    Looking forward to your reply,

  2. We make signs similar to these and only recently realised how much work we have been sending to the continent from the uk. As a result we have been travelling so far in Northern Europe seekingfor an insight and inspiration to broaden our work. Salzburg and Munich are planned as our next trip and any advice on anywhere particular we should be looking would be gratefully recieved.

  3. Our oldest son is in Austria for a couple months (at Tauernhof) and will have a visit to Salzburg. I got to go there in my early twenties and wanted to just move there, lock, stock and barrel!
    Unfortunately, the family I was with actually ATE at the aforementioned McDonald’s. A travesty, eh? Loved, loved, loved Salzburg!

    Chana K.

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